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Promotions Available for Motorists to Tackle Colder Conditions

October 18, 2012

LONDON, October 18, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

The colder weather the UK is currently experiencing as result of seasonal changes in
climate is something motorists will be keen to take action against. Colder weather has
seen UK drivers experience all sorts of problems over recent years and there are a number
of measures they can take in order to prepare properly for new conditions on and off the

Parts retailer Euro Car Parts [http://www.eurocarparts.com ] has introduced a range of
offers and discounts aimed at helping motorists to deal with the car maintenance
techniques that help them survive the winter with the greatest comfort, both financially
and in terms of convenience.

Visitors to http://www.eurocarparts.com will now find a selection of promotions on
some of the components that tend to be put under extra strain because of colder
conditions. This includes parts like car batteries which suffer because of the drop in
temperature and need extra attention or replacement if they are no longer up to the job.

The promotional deals at Euro Car Parts also include items such as oils and additives,
parts essential to braking systems and so on. The idea behind the special offers is to
give motorists every chance of protecting their cars against extra stress and strain
caused by a colder winter climate.

Certain car parts are also bound to become more prone to damage because of icy roads
and the threat of collisions. These components have also been taken into account by the
team responsible for the selection of promotions currently available at


The advice for motorists is to be as well-prepared as possible and not to take a
reactive approach to problems with autumn and winter. Anticipating problems and investing
in all the necessary services, treatments and replacement parts necessary for the season
is far more advisable to putting safety at risk and inviting further more serious
maintenance issues.

Off the road, motorists are advised to do everything they can to condition their
vehicles for the coming seasons and to approach the autumn and winter with a healthy stock
of additives, solutions and car accessories designed to help deal with more challenging
weather conditions.

SOURCE Euro Car Parts

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