VoIP Telephone System Expands to Boston

October 19, 2012

Traditional long-distance telephone calls connect people to friends, family and loved ones who may live vast distances apart from one another.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) October 18, 2012

Traditional long-distance telephone calls connect people to friends, family and loved ones who may live vast distances apart from one another. This process is excellent for bringing people together but the cost is prohibitively expensive.

An alternative communication method has been developed that circumvents the high cost of standard long-distance telephone calls. This alternative method is known as VoIP, which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. Some people may wonder: “Just what is VoIP?”.

Fortunately, these kinds of VoIP questions are easy to answer because the subject is not unnecessarily complex. Unlike traditional long-distance calling, which uses physical phone lines to complete a call, Voice over Internet Protocol communicates using the Internet. This communication method has several distinct advantages over the standard system.

One of the main advantages of VoIP is that is becoming more and more readily available. http://www.voiptelephonesystem.org/boston-voip-telephone-installation are being installed at a steadily increasing rate. Because Boston is a major hub of commerce and is home to a large number of both large and small businesses, the rush to switch to VoIP communications is particularly important.

VoIP phones in Boston are quickly becoming the standard method of business communication. This is mainly because VoIP phones can communicate around the world without the fear of dropped calls, downed power or phone lines and unnecessary security risks. There are simply too many disadvantages to using traditional long-distance communication technologies.

Boston is offering an even more efficient form of business communication known as “hosted VoIP”. Essentially, this is a service that is managed by Boston hosting companies. Hosted VoIP allows for VoIP service to be constantly available to Boston-based business. With this service, any telephone can complete the tasks of a business phone by accessing the hosted VoIP network.

Additionally, the sound and communication quality of VoIP calls is equal to that of traditional phone calls and in some cases is even more clear than standard calls. This system completes phone calls by transforming an analog voice signal into a digital signal and then sending that digital information in the form of “packets”. This is exactly the same system used by any computer accessing the Internet.

Although VoIP uses the same communication method as computers, it is not at all necessary to own a specialized computer for VoIP calls. In fact, it is not even necessary to own a computer at all. There are many hosting services available, such as Boston hosted VoIP networks. These services can digitize customer calls on their own.

Even with all this information, some people may still have http://www.voiptelephonesystem.org/top-10-voip-questions/. Some people may still wonder: http://www.voiptelephonesystem.org/what-is-voip/?

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