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Canadian Building Trades praises Government of Canada and Minister Flaherty for Bill C-45 and economic opportunities for skilled trades workers

October 19, 2012

OTTAWA, Oct. 19, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – The Canadian Building Trades commends
Minister Flaherty for introduction of Bill C-45 which solidifies the
execution of the Economic Action Plan 2012.  Specifically of importance
to the skilled trades in Ontario and beyond are the legislative
commitments to the DRIC or Windsor-Detroit Bridge.

Robert Blakely, Director of Canadian Affairs, says “this is an enormous
opportunity for the Canadian economy, our skilled trades and the
partnership we have with our largest trading partner. This bridge
construction will employ many hundreds of apprentices and young
Canadians who want to learn a craft and contribute to the local Windsor
economy. Our calculations indicate about 2.6 million person hours of
work are associated with this mega project.”

John Telford, Canadian Director of United Association of Plumbers and
Pipefitters (UA) says “this initiative will assist in the long term
replenishing of an aging workforce for Canada -it is part of the
solution for the labour demand issue.”

Robert Kucheran, General Vice President and newly election Chairman of
the Canadian Executive board of the Canadian Building Trades says his
membership in Ontario is staunchly in favour of this project, the jobs
created and the economic opportunity for the entire nation.

Blakely says this project represents an enormous opportunity for Canada,
the United States and the people who ought to gain employment on both
sides of the border.  The Canadian Building Trades anticipates working
closely with all levels of government and private industry on this
project to ensure sufficient local content, local materials and deliver
value for money for the capital Government of Canada is investing on
this project.

About the BCTD

The North America-wide BCTD AFL-CIO (American Federation of Labour -
Congress of Industrial Organizations) coordinates activities and
provides resources to 15 affiliated trade unions in the construction,
maintenance and fabrication industries. industries. In Canada, the BCTD
represents 500,000 skilled trades workers.

SOURCE Building & Construction Trades Department, AFL-CIO

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