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A New Level of Integrated Engineering for Armored Vehicles Achieved Between the O’Gara Group and BMW

October 26, 2012

CINCINNATI, Oct. 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — The O’Gara Group, Inc., a global provider of security products and services, is showcasing new BMW vehicles with both enhanced blast protection armoring, and fully integrated command, control, communication and intelligence (C4I) equipment. The combined strengths of O’Gara in electronic systems integration, with BMW’s total platform knowledge has resulted in a discrete, user-friendly security vehicle design that ensures total system performance, reliability for occupant security, safety and comfort.

This joint engineering effort is a result of an agreement to support and drive more value to the US Government. These vehicles were not built for a client; rather this was done to promote a technological and cost saving vision for the US Government. “We are well positioned for US Government product development,” said Tony Russell, President of the Mobile Systems Division of The O’Gara Group. “Our in-depth understanding of the security needs coupled with our engineering and production capabilities identify us as the preferred co-developer.” BMW endorses the performance of these vehicles and includes the standard vehicle warranty.

“We are pleased to invest our technological leadership and integration expertise to deliver the most reliable and discreet vehicles for our customers,” said Wilfred “Bill” O’Gara, CEO of The O’Gara Group. “We are confident our government and private security clients will be pleased with the long-term value and seamless performance of this combined engineering effort.”

This new level of armor and component integration is not possible through traditional aftermarket modifications. Sophisticated electronic systems cannot simply be plugged into most commercial vehicles. Consideration must be given to antenna placement, increased power output and heat dissipation, as well as optimal placement of equipment for ease of operation.

These vehicles exemplify leading edge, solutions-focused innovation executed by private companies representing the convergence of world class design and engineering. With the ever-changing dynamic nature of security and the complex global stage, US Government personnel must be armed with the best information, most protection and top of class discreet technology both at home and abroad.

The O’Gara Group is a global provider of risk mitigation, enhanced capability products and services supporting defense and security. Enabling its customers to effectively protect and preserve lives and assets by improving their ability to prepare for, respond to, and recover from conflicts, civil unrest, acts of terrorism, violent crime and other hazards such as environmental and natural disasters. Customers throughout the world include governments, military, homeland security, and commercial customers. The O’Gara Group operates through three divisions: Training and Services, Sensor Systems and Mobile Systems.

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