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Berlin Packaging Gives Makers of Nutritional Drink LIMU a Bronze Glow at Global Packaging Design Awards 2012

November 1, 2012

CHICAGO, Nov. 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Berlin Packaging, a leading full-service supplier of plastic, glass, and metal containers and closures, today announced it has received a bronze medal in the 2012 Beverage World Global Packaging Design Awards. The award honors Berlin’s imaginative re-design of the signature brand package for The Limu Company, a top manufacturer of liquid nutritional supplements.

LIMU ORIGINAL(®), The Limu Company’s flagship product, is a marketing phenomenon sold in 19 countries. While recognized around the world, the LIMU ORIGINAL heavy glass bottle was expensive to ship and prone to breakage. Moreover, an update was needed to reinvigorate the brand and solve multiple performance issues. Berlin Packaging impressed the Global Packaging Design Awards judges with its reboot, created by Berlin’s Studio One Eleven division, which includes:

  • An eco-friendly, BPA-free P.E.T. plastic container that significantly lowers shipping costs and virtually eliminates breakage while still communicating premium quality.
  • A slimming, taller silhouette that speaks to the product story.
  • A structural grip feature framing the new vertical logo and graphics.
  • A new tamper-evident closure that replaces the existing metal cap.
  • A two-color black and silver shrink neck band located below the closure that maintains brand identity even after opening.
  • A modern reinterpretation of the brand’s iconic “harvest man” logo on the package front.

The one-liter P.E.T. bottle in LIMU ORIGNAL uses 86% less material than glass and 39% less energy to manufacture. It also reduces greenhouse gas emission by 66%, eliminates 229 metric tons in annual carbon dioxide emissions, and provides environmental savings of waste, gas and power during the manufacturing process.

“Our goal with every design assignment is to define and raise the brand experience while accomplishing maximum package performance. We’re pleased that the Global Packaging Design judges were as excited about our LIMU ORIGINAL package design as we are,” said Andrew T. Berlin, Chairman and CEO of Berlin Packaging. “Scott Jost and the Studio One Eleven team did amazing work on this iconic product.”

Beverage World’s Global Packaging Design Awards is an international competition honoring the best in beverage packaging design from around the world. Winning entries must demonstrate exceptional creativity and quality over a variety of elements including graphic design and structural innovation.

Winners in the 2012 Global Packaging Design Awards will appear in the November print edition of Beverage World and on BeverageWorld.com that same month.

About Berlin Packaging
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