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Online Demand for Electronic Cigarettes Allows UK Company to Expand with new Products and a Wider Presence

November 1, 2012

MANCHESTER, England, November 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

Electronic cigarettes have really taken off in the last few years as a viable
alternative to tobacco smoking. There are a host of reasons why those used to smoking
tobacco have chosen to experiment with new technology in the form of e-cigarettes,
including the health and financial implications of tobacco.

VIP Electronic Cigarette is a company that specialises in supplying e-cigarette
technology that allows smokers to revolutionise their approach to smoking. The system
delivers the hit of nicotine that smokers look for, but it does so without delivering
thousands of harmful chemicals.

Moreover, electronic cigarettes are not heavily taxed in the manner of tobacco
cigarettes. The concept behind VIP cigarettes allows users to enjoy smoking almost
anywhere legally at the same time as saving money on the provision of a safer nicotine hit
in the form of vapour rather than smoke.

Visitors to http://www.vipelectroniccigarette.co.uk will also learn that e-liquid
has been launched alongside the e-cigarette cartomizer device already available through
the website. Cartomizers are still recommended for e-cigarette newcomers, but the e-liquid
system represents a naturally graduation for those keen to continue consuming nicotine
safely, conveniently and quickly.

The e-cigarette [http://www.vipelectroniccigarette.co.uk ] market is rapidly growing
year on year with an estimated 650,000 current users in the UK and a value of GBP60m. VIP
is witness to this popularity. VIP Electronic Cigarette was one of the first brands to
appear in the UK back in 2007, it has since focused on the needs of smokers by offering a
range of premium products including the specialised Photon Tank. The revolutionary new
‘Photon’ system is ideal for heavy users and can be refilled with VIP’s ‘designer’ blended
e-liquids. VIP’s exclusive e-liquids represent an even cheaper alternative to smoking than
traditional cartomizers, which makes them an attractive addition to the VIP product range.

The e-liquid on offer at http://www.vipelelectroniccigarette.co.uk is manufactured
and tested by experts and specially flavoured in order to replicate the unique experience
of tobacco smoking. Attention to detail is what drives the popularity of e-liquid and
e-cigarette kits.

In order to better meet demand for electronic cigarettes, the VIP brand has undergone
significant expansion in recent months. The company now operates a selection of kiosks and
booths nationwide having expanded into retail, and the VIP range is also sold to around
300 pharmacies and newsagents in the UK. There are plans to increase the retail expansion
further in 2013 which could see more than 150 employment opportunities created in deprived
areas and a nationwide retail presence will also offer greater customer convenience.

Those interested in learning more about electronic cigarettes can find extensive
information on the VIP website.

SOURCE www.vipelectroniccigarette.co.uk

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