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ICL to Increase Production of Polymeric Flame Retardant at West Virginia Facility

November 13, 2012

ARDSLEY, New York, November 13, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

ICL Industrial Products ( ICL-IP ) today announced that it is expanding production of
Fyrol(R) HF-5 polymeric flame retardant at its Gallipolis Ferry, West Virginia plant to
meet growing market demand. Fyrol(R) HF-5, a proven flame retardant designed for flexible
polyurethane foam applications, is an innovative product that was designed originally to
meet the exacting sustainability and chemical use standards of international furniture
makers. Effective January 1, 2013, ICL- IP will discontinue the sale of TDCP for flexible
polyurethane foam upholstered home furnishings applications, including chairs, sofas, and
nursery products.

“By expanding the production of Fyrol(R) HF-5, ICL-IP is positioned to serve the
changing needs of the upholstered furniture industry,” said Greg Symes, ICL-IP global
business manager for polyurethane products. “This is an example of how ICL-IP’s
world-class research capabilities, our culture of engaging directly with customers and the
flexibility of our manufacturing facilities combine to provide new and innovative products
to the global marketplace,” he said. Symes also noted that by expanding production of
Fyrol(R) HF-5, the company bolsters its manufacturing position in West Virginia.

ICL-IP also announced that it is well into the development process of a flame
retardant to replace TDCP in automotive and other transportation industry applications in
2013. The company will cease all production of TDCP by the end of 2015. This schedule will
allow customers in transport-related segments adequate time to qualify the TDCP
replacement through the Production Part Approval Process system.

ICL-IP is a global leader in the production of flame retardants and a variety of
bromine compounds for the electronics, construction and automobile industries and clear
brine fluids to the oil and gas drilling industry. All ICL-IP products undergo rigorous
testing at company facilities and laboratories to assure both their effectiveness and
compliance with all applicable regulations.

ICL is one of the world’s leading fertilizer and specialty chemical companies. It
transforms basic minerals into value-added products including compound potash and
phosphate fertilizers, food grade phosphoric acid, elemental bromine and magnesium. ICL’s
Industrial Products segment is a leading global manufacturer of flame retardants and a
major player in specialty chemical markets.

ICL-IP’s commitment to Sustainable development and social responsibility is shaped by
its strict interpretation of the chemical industry’s principles of Corporate Social
Responsibility (CSR) and Responsible Care. ICL-IP’s CSR initiatives are aimed at
protecting the safety, health and security of its employees; assuring full compliance with
all environmental regulations and standards; reducing the environmental impact of its
operations; preparing for emergencies; managing products throughout the product life
cycle; and conducting business in a transparent and accountable manner.

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        Amiram Fleisher

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