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VOTI 3-D Perspective X-Ray Technology Provides Security Screening for International Conference

November 22, 2012

MONTREAL, Nov. 22, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – It was “mission accomplished” for
VOTI’s ground-breaking 3-D Perspective x-ray scanning technology at a recent international conference held in
Quebec City, October 21-26.

VOTI, a leading developer of new-generation scanners, was delighted to have
been selected to provide x-ray security screening for the prestigious
event, a task that demanded highest standards in security screening,
efficient throughput and minimal wait times for the over 1,400 foreign
delegates from 162 countries. Deployed at multiple checkpoint locations
within the expansive Palais des Congrès, VOTI’s XR3D-6 systems generated over 17,000 scans to effectively deliver reliable,
continuous-flow security screening throughout the course of the event. 

Government security coordinators were particularly impressed by the
XR3D’s user-friendly LCD touchscreen and GUI, which facilitate
straightforward, intuitive operator use. The benefits of this
leading-edge technology include minimal operator training and fewer
hold-ups caused by inexperienced users. During this conference, over 40
new users were successfully trained and able to smoothly operate the
systems, making the event a success for both VOTI and the conference

“We are proud to have been called upon to provide our technology for
such a high profile event”, VOTI’s President and CEO, William Awad
stated, “Our R&D remains focused on creating innovative products that
raise the bar on technical performance, while making the job easier for
front line security professionals.”

About VOTI
VOTI is a privately held Canadian technology company that specializes in the
design, development and production of new-generation x-ray security
scanners. Powered by an innovative proprietary software platform,
VOTI’s breakthrough 3-D perspective technology provides remarkably
sharp and revealing x-ray images, along with broad threat detection and
material identification capabilities, at highly competitive prices.

SOURCE Voti Inc.

Source: PR Newswire