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Mobile Delivered Vehicle Recognition Training App Launching at IITSEC 2012

November 27, 2012

LONDON, November 27, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –


Caspian Learning will be announcing the launch of their brand new, world first Vehicle
Recognition Training app at this year’s I/ITSEC conference in Orlando, Florida.

The Caspian Vehicle Recognition Training App
[http://www.caspianlearning.co.uk/press-release/vehicle-recognition-training-app-for-mobiles-launched-at-iitsec-2012.htm ]
is a mobile-delivered vehicle identification training
program that has been specifically designed to improve the performance and speed that
users are able to identify vehicles in low visibility scenarios.

It has been designed for mobile device consumption, from real user requirements, and
aims to be the market leading synthetic vehicle recognition training application

The app will be one of the first of its kind designed for mobile delivery.

Realtime Vehicle Identification Training

Developed from the latest available vehicle information and using the latest 3D
technology, the Caspian VRT aims to improve the speed at which users can identify vehicles
by allowing them to swipe, zoom and pan vehicles from their mobile device (a phone or a

A fully immersive, configurable 3D environment immerses the user into a variety of low
visibility settings and a complex scoring mechanic records their every decision and the
conditions that existed when they made it, for example; vehicle distance from camera,
light, time of day, terrain type and how long it actually took to identify the vehicle are
just a few of the measurements that are running behind the scenes.

Performance Measurement & Feedback

Like most of Caspian’s products, the VRT has been designed to improve performance and
change behaviour, and scoring and feedback based on learning outcomes are integral to the
product’s unique position as a learning app or serious game.

A powerful configuration system allows trainers to set very specific tests, for
example, here’s just one configuration that a training officer might run:

        1) 5 vehicles
        2) 30 seconds view time
        3) 30m distance from vehicle
        4) Infrared
        5) Obstructed view (trees)

At the end of the test, scoring and feedback are provided to users and saved for
training officers.

Alternatively, if a more dynamic and fresh experience is required, the VRT can be
completely randomised and any combination of configuration options set.

A more detailed list of configuration options will be available at I/ITSEC, at the
Bohemia Interactive/Caspian Learning stand #735.

If you like the sound of the app and want to try it but won’t be attending I/ITSEC,
then make sure that you don’t miss out when the demo becomes available, and sign up to the
VRT download list now [http://www.caspianlearning.co.uk/products-2/vrt ].

About Caspian Learning

Caspian Learning are a multi award-winning serious games
[http://www.caspianlearning.co.uk ] technology and design company.

They are the global leader in the use of 3D games and simulations technology for
performance improvement, having developed over 100 sims or games for clients all over the
world including IBM, BBC, Accenture to name a few as well as defence organisations across
the world.



Lee Rushworth, +44(0)1915561043, lee.rushworth@caspianlearning.co.uk

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