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Westport to Expand Ford Super Duty Product Line

December 3, 2012

~ Natural Gas Powered Ford F-450 and F-550 Available in 2013 ~

VANCOUVER, Dec. 3, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – Westport Innovations Inc. (TSX:WPT)
(NASDAQ:WPRT), the global leader in natural gas engines, today
announced that it will expand its product offerings with the
introduction of natural gas powered versions of the Ford F-450 and
F-550 Super Duty trucks in mid-2013. The new product additions will
complement the already proven Westport WiNG(TM) System powered Ford F-250
and F-350 trucks.

“The timing is right. Our CNG bifuel systems for Ford F-250 and F-350
trucks have been very well received and as a result, our customers are
making increasing requests for customized options and natural gas
trucks with higher gross weights,” said John Lapetz, Vice President,
North America Vehicle Programs, Westport LD.

A leader in responding to market and customer demands, Westport’s is
expanding its product line to further serve delivery and utility
companies, energy-industry fleets and government. The new 2013 F-450
and F-550 trucks will be built at the Westport Kentucky Integration
Center (WKIC), an exclusive Ford Qualified Vehicle Modifier (QVM)
audited facility, located adjacent to Ford Motor Company’s Kentucky
Truck Plant. Consistent with the WiNG System powered F-250s and F-350s
that are currently built at WKIC, the new models will be assembled
using a fully integrated system and will undergo the same rigorous
validation for safety and durability used by Ford. Trucks will be
delivered using the Ford transportation system providing cost
efficiencies in delivery to the end customer. 

Westport is also currently developing relationships with service body
companies to offer installation of second unit bodies on its F-250 and
F-350 pickup trucks. In addition to the installation of the Westport
WiNG(TM) System, customers may now choose the option to install second
unit bodies with a single ship through, saving significant time and
delivery costs. These service body options will also be available on
the new F-450 and F-550 models.

Westport continues to be the market leader in helping to drive down the
cost of natural gas vehicles. The Westport WiNG(TM) System is already
priced at an industry-leading $9,500, making natural gas vehicles
(NGVs) more affordable and accessible for U.S. truck fleets. The new
natural gas powered Ford F-450 and F-550 Super Duty truck models will
be offered at an equally competitive price, saving fleets between 25
and 40 percent in fuel costs with positive payback demonstrated in two
years. The new models will be available exclusively through Westport’s
authorized Ford dealerships giving customers the fully integrated OEM
ownership experience they have come to expect with Westport.

About Westport Innovations Inc.

Westport Innovations Inc. is a leading global supplier of proprietary
solutions that allow engines to operate on clean-burning fuels such as
compressed natural gas (CNG), liquefied natural gas (LNG), hydrogen,
and renewable natural gas (RNG) fuels such as landfill gas and helps
reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). Westport technology offers
advanced LNG fueling systems with direct injection natural gas engine
technology for heavy-duty vehicles such as highway trucks and off-road
applications such as mining and rail.  Westport’s joint venture with
Cummins Inc., Cummins Westport Inc. designs, engineers and markets
spark-ignited natural gas engines for North American transportation
applications such as trucks and buses. Westport LD division is one of
the global leaders for natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)
fuel in passenger cars, light-duty trucks and industrial applications
such as forklifts. To learn more about our business, visit our website
or subscribe to our RSS feed at www.westport.com, or follow us on Twitter @WestportWPRT.

Note: This document contains forward-looking statements about Westport’s
business, operations, technology development or the environment in
which it operates, which are based on Westport’s estimates, forecasts
and projections. These statements include specifically, statements
regarding the timing for introduction of the natural gas versions of
the Ford F-450 and F-550 trucks,  the price of natural gas and savings
and payback period based on a conversion to natural gas as a
transportation fuel.  These statements are not guarantees of future
performance, are based on a number of assumptions and involve known and
unknown risks and uncertainties that are difficult to predict, or are
beyond Westport’s control including the development of competing
products and technologies, availability and supply of natural gas,
price and supply of gasoline, timing for certifications, timing of
execution of agreements with distributors, and other risk factors and
assumptions that may affect our actual results, performance or
achievements. Consequently, readers should not place any undue reliance
on such forward-looking statements. In addition, these forward-looking
statements relate to the date on which they are made. Westport
disclaims any intention or obligation to update or revise any
forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information,
future events or otherwise except as required by National Instrument
51-102. The contents of any website, RSS feed or Twitter account
referenced in this press release are not incorporated by reference

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