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GAEMRIC, Inc. Helps Create Potable Water in Emergency Situations with Survival Still Water Distillation System Campaign Now on Indiegogo

December 3, 2012

LINCOLN, Neb., Dec. 3, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Lincoln, Nebraska inventor Glenn Meder recently launched his new water distillation system, Survival Still, on Indiegogo. The Survival Still system distills non-potable water into consumable water and is available for order on www.indiegogo.com/survivalstill/x/1819598?c=home

The Survival Still allows you to turn virtually any water, including ocean water and microbiologically contaminated water into a permanent supply of safe, high-purity water. The Survival Still is a heavy-duty stainless steel water distiller that purifies water by boiling the water and collecting only the pure steam – a process called distillation. The result is consistently pure water from any water source, without the use of filters.

“After disasters such as Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Katrina and the Fukishima disaster water supplies can become dangerously contaminated, sometimes for weeks or even months. People can only live for a few days without a safe supply of drinking water. The Survival Still allows you to provide your family with a supply of high-purity, sterile drinking water for as long as is needed. I believe that every home in the USA should have a Survival Still in order to protect their family if some major emergency happens,” said Meder.

Survival Still is over ten years in the making and 60+ iterations of Meder’s version of the “perfect” distillation system. The product can be used in the poorest Third World countries and in modern countries alike to aid during disasters or disruptions to potable water access. Survival Still can take any water source, including ocean water and turn it into safe and consumable water – removing parasites, bacteria and viruses. Meder’s use of distillation, rather than filtration with his product is not only the preferred method for water purification by the Red Cross but also AWWA and FEMA.

For more information about pricing and orders, contact glenn@survivalstill.com. To learn more about the Survival Still, visit www.survivalstill.com.

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