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Canada Beef Inc. in full support of new Growing Forward 2 programs

December 7, 2012

TORONTO, Dec. 7, 2012 /CNW/ – Canada Beef Inc. welcomed the announcement
today from the Government of Canada regarding three new programs under
Growing Forward 2 (GF2). These programs allow Canada Beef Inc. to work
innovatively on behalf of Canada’s 83,000 beef farming families in
ensuring Canadian beef is recognized around the world as a safe,
wholesome, and premium product.

“Canada Beef has two main drivers on behalf of Canadian beef producers;
delivering a strong return on investment, and creating sustained brand
loyalty to Canadian beef with end-users and consumers around the
globe,” said Canada Beef Inc. President Rob Meijer. “GF2 will be
instrumental in Canada Beef’s ability to deliver more innovative and
strategic marketing and brand initiatives.”

“GF2 specifically aligns with Canada Beef’s three-year strategic
priorities; to brand differentiate, target priority markets of value,
and venture into new emerging market possibilities.”

Meijer expressed his appreciation of the Government of Canada’s
continuous funding for agricultural growth and innovation.  “Investment
in agriculture is an investment in Canada’s future and its rural
communities and youth.  Canadian beef production alone contributes over
25 billion* dollars annually to Canada’s economy.”

*Beef production in Canada contributed 25.96 billion to Canada’s economy
in 2011, up 5.5 per cent since 2010.  Source: Canfax, Statistics Canada

SOURCE Canada Beef Inc.

Source: PR Newswire