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AUDI AG Launches All-new Driving Technology Simulation Game to Celebrate their 3rd Anniversary on PlayStation

December 12, 2012

LONDON, December 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

Today AUDI AG, the first automotive manufacturer to release a space in PlayStation(R
)Home are now taking their partnership to the next level with the launch of an all-new
driving technology simulation game.

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The game focuses on three core AUDI AG technologies: Quattro; Transmission; and Ultra.
Players learn about these different AUDI AG technologies by racing a concept car made
specifically for the game on 3 unique tracks. Each track offers a number of challenges and
to complete them the player must modify their car with a selection of AUDI AG Technologies
enabling them to win Gold, Silver or Bronze on each track and challenge combination.

The AUDI AG Space in PlayStation(R)Home was conceived as a space for gamers to meet
up, hang out, and experience the world of AUDI AG. It’s a living, breathing AUDI AG world
featuring AUDI AGtv and a calendar of content from virtual lectures on AUDI AG
announcements, product launches, VIP events to mini-games and interactive objects all
released throughout 2009-2012.

3 years later AUDI AG have become an established presence and games publisher of note
for the platform, admired by the community for their content and level of innovation. As
of 12th December 2012 AUDI AG have had over 15m games played by over 3m users with an
average user engagement of 10 minutes per session.

Roland Hoepting, the Project Manager for videogames and virtual worlds at AUDI AG
explained, “As a brand, AUDI AG saw great value and potential in the experiences and level
of interaction the world of gaming affords. PlayStation(R)Home gives AUDI AG the perfect
environment to connect with gamers in an unexpected way. The numbers and reaction we’ve
had from the PlayStation(R)Home audience speak for themselves.”

Kirk Ewing, Creative Director at VEEMEE explained, “AUDI AG have succeeded where
others have failed in integrating brands into games. They’ve started with the audience -
gamers – and worked backwards to understand what’s meaningful to them in a games context
to present AUDI AG’s brand and technologies in an entertaining but also educational way.
It’s fair to say AUDI AG have become a trusted brand in PlayStation(R)Home and have won
fans who’ve voted with their thumbs because of it!”

Caspar Thykier, Managing Director of VEEMEE concluded, “As a former ad-man I know how
difficult it is for a brand to try and credibly become a content provider and reach the
all important 18-35 year old demographic. But the AUDI AG PlayStation(R)Home case study
shows how a brand can effectively connect with new consumers and deliver fantastic
results. What brand wouldn’t want to achieve 75 years of consumer engagement in 3 years,
as AUDI AG have in PlayStation(R)Home.”

The new AUDI Technology Experience simulation launches in PlayStation(R)Home on
Wednesday 12th December 2012.

To watch the Audi Technology Experience trailer click here:

Audi Technology Experience Trailer
[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wca62x86FGY&list=UUzpjoZ9UCa-xwQlvKE7sJAQ&index=1 ]

To find out more about AUDI AG’s 3 years in PlayStation(R)Home visit:

Celebrating 3 Years of AUDI AG in Playstation Home [http://vimeo.com/55284544 ]
Password: mUBr2c9cRESw

Notes to Editors:

        - AUDI AG celebrates its 3rd year since opening its doors in PlayStation(R
          )Home on 17th December 2009 with the launch of its all-new driving technology
          simulation game.
        - AUDI AG reaches milestone of 15m games played in the AUDI AGo Terminal in
          PlayStation(R)Home by 3m users with an average user engagement of 10 minutes per
        - Users of the AUDI AG space have clocked up an incredible combined 73 1/2 years
          of continuous game play of AUDI AG games in PlayStation(R)Home.


VEEMEE brings together expertise in both marketing and console gaming under one roof
through its founding partners Caspar Thykier and Kirk Ewing.

VEEMEE is a creator of branded and original content for games platforms and virtual
worlds, with offices in Edinburgh and London.

Alongside AUDI AG, VEEMEE works with other brand partners in PlayStation(R)Home
including Billabong, Diesel, Wrangler and Universal Music as well as producing its own
original IP.


PlayStation(R)Home is free to download from any PS3 games console with a broadband

        For further information contact Caspar Thykier, CEO of VEEMEE
        Mobile: +44-(0)7702-161-754





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