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NIRA Dynamics Partners With Chinese Vehicle Manufacturers to Target Domestic and International Markets

December 18, 2012

LINKÖPING, Sweden, December 18, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

TPI application projects with two Chinese vehicle manufacturers

Together with two major players in the slip control system sector, NIRA
[http://www.niradynamics.se ] is currently running three TPI series application projects
with two different Chinese vehicle manufacturers. The projects are targeting not only the
Chinese domestic market but also overseas markets such as the EU. Compliance with the new
TPMS regulation (UNECE R64) is a key factor.

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Market situation in China

The Chinese market is one of the biggest and fastest growing automotive markets in the
world. Vehicle models are getting more and more technically advanced, especially regarding
safety relevant and assistant features. TPI is already present in the Chinese market
through various VW group models build and sold in China. With the new business, NIRA is
broadening its customer portfolio also with customers outside the VW Group in China. With
a new regulation under discussion making tire pressure monitoring systems mandatory, the
demand from Chinese vehicle manufacturers for iTPMS is increasing rapidly.

Unified TPMS regulations

With vehicle models being delivered to various major markets worldwide, it is highly
desirable that these markets do not have different regulations and that the same systems
can be used in all markets. Otherwise, smaller purchasing volumes and higher development
costs per unit will lead to higher system costs which in the end would inevitably have to
be covered by the consumer who is not willing to do so. Vehicle manufacturers as well as
suppliers therefore hope that besides the UNECE R64 for the EU plus many other countries
and the FMVSS 138 for the US, there will be no new standard for a major market like China.


TPI, Tire Pressure Indicator, is the flagship product by NIRA. It is plausibly the
most successful indirect TPMS (iTPMS) solution which works without any pressure sensors in
the wheels. It is purely SW-based and mainly uses slip control-relevant signals.
Therefore, it is commonly integrated into the slip control systems. TPI by NIRA is already
available in many VW group models with 4 million licenses sold worldwide so far and is
currently the only iTPMS successfully tested for compliance with FMVSS 138 in the US (test
[http://www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/acms/cs/jaxrs/download/doc/UCM418471/TRTR-641995-2011-001.pdf ]

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