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Results of Fall Exploration Program at Deeker Creek

December 18, 2012

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VANCOUVER, Dec. 18, 2012 /CNW/ – TTM Resources Inc. (“TTM” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce the results of a fall
exploration program conducted on the Company’s Deeker Creek Property.
The Deeker Creek Property is located in northwest BC, approximately 165
kilometers southwest of Telegraph Creek, BC and 210 kilometers north of
Stewart, BC. The Scud River airstrip and camp is approximately 10
kilometers to the southeast. The property hosts a large gossan
alteration zone measuring approximately 1000 metres long by 400 metres
wide that has been the subject of previous exploration programs in the
1970′s through to the early 1990′s. Six different zones were delineated
in a 1990 work program, the last significant exploration campaign
undertaken on the property.

TTM’s work was completed in two areas: a channel sampling program to
test fracture and quartz vein hosted molybdenum showings, and
prospecting an area known as the “Float Zone” where previous work
located quartz-sulphide veins carrying significant gold-silver
mineralization. The channel sampling program did not reveal any areas
of highly anomalous molybdenum though the better surface showings were
snow covered. Broad areas of the gossan alteration zone were tested by
channel sampling and did return some elevated silver values to a high
of 13.1 g/t over 3.0 metres.

Near the headwaters of Deeker Creek, prospecting was undertaken in an
effort to locate the source of mineralized quartz-sulphide boulders
previously noted in the 1990 exploration program. A total of 11 samples
were collected of which three returned elevated to anomalous gold
assays of 2.91, 6.49 and 16.9 g/t gold. Silver was consistently
elevated throughout the sample suite, ranging from 0.32 to 279 g/t
silver. The highest gold assays also had the highest silver values;
indicator elements associated with these higher values usually include
arsenic, bismuth, cadmium, antimony, selenium and tellurium. The host
rock is invariably quartz vein material with variable sulphide content
ranging from a few percent up to 50% pyrite. Base metals were generally
low though elevated base metals, lead and zinc were associated with
some of the better results. The table below summarizes the results of
the prospecting samples.

2012 Prospecting Sample Summary

    |Sample #|Easting (UTM)|Northing |Au (ppm)|Ag (ppm)|Pb (ppm)|Zn (ppm)|
    |        |             |    (UTM)|        |        |        |        |
    |43151   |       680179|  6367152|   0.001|    0.37|     3.4|      23|
    |43152   |       320025|  6367106|   0.002|    98.0|     228|       2|
    |43153   |       319885|  6367104|  <0.001|    0.32|     5.8|       4|
    |43154   |       319884|  6367103|  <0.001|    0.39|     6.7|       3|
    |43155   |       319888|  6367099|   0.001|    0.79|     4.8|      <2|
    |43156   |       319892|  6367095|   0.038|    0.73|     162|       5|
    |43157   |       319911|  6367085|   0.001|    1.74|    19.8|      10|
    |43158   |       322100|  6366058|   0.001|    0.87|     5.8|       4|
    |43159   |       322096|  6366069|    2.91|   116.0|     445|     109|
    |43160   |       322102|  6366071|   0.108|   16.35|     365|     387|
    |43161   |       322117|  6366065|   0.012|    1.61|    17.6|       3|
    |43162   |       322134|  6366079|   0.014|    10.6|    84.6|      21|
    |43163   |       322150|  6366094|   0.156|    13.9|    39.5|       4|
    |43164   |       322188|  6366139|   0.004|    1.02|      18|      24|
    |43165   |       322212|  6366188|    6.49|   279.0|     379|     344|
    |43166   |       322009|  6366166|   0.966|   18.95|    1860|     953|
    |43167   |       322063|  6366080|   0.032|    1.42|    46.6|      26|
    |43168   |       322134|  6366079|    16.9|    49.8|    8360|    2530|

All rock samples were shipped to ALS Global in North Vancouver, BC where
they were analysed by 51-element ICP analyses utilizing an aqua regia
digest with an MS finish. Gold assay was by aqua regia digestion of a
15 gram pulp with an MS finish. Essentially, this is a trace level ICP
analysis plus gold, coded by ALS as TL43-PKG. Overlimits for gold and
silver were by conventional fire. No blanks, duplicates or standards
were inserted into the sample stream for quality control purposes. The
program was small in nature and the laboratory’s internal quality
control measures were considered sufficient.

TTM Resources has never undertaken a comprehensive evaluation of the
Deeker Creek Property but, given the encouraging results to date,
further work is warranted. A program of detailed geological mapping
would aid in better defining the areas of mineralization and structural
constraints. Once the mineralized zones are better defined, channel
sampling would be completed to determine the grades and widths of the
zones. In addition, an IP survey over the bulk of the gossan zone would
greatly aid in locating areas of high chargeability response that may
be indicative of a porphyry style copper-molybdenum system. A big
priority would be to locate the source of the gold-silver bearing
quartz veins followed by evaluation of the vein system to determine
grade, width, and length. Upon compilation of the data, a follow-up
drill program would be undertaken to test the better targets.

W.K. Crichy Clarke, the Company’s President and CEO, comments: “We are
very encouraged by the preliminary results from our work program this
past summer. The results warrant further exploration in the area and an
extensive program will be undertaken this spring and summer. We will
keep our shareholders informed.”

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P.Geo., who is the qualified person for the project as defined under NI

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