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Victron Energy Launches New Victron Remote Management Website

December 27, 2012

ALMERE, The Netherlands, December 27, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

On Tuesday December 18th Victron Energy launched the new Victron Remote Management
(VRM) website. This website is a free service provided by Victron Energy to remotely
monitor Victron equipment all over the world. One of the new features of this website is
that it now works on iPhone, Android and iPads.

Responsive and new design

The new VRM website is completely redesigned. On the homepage the user will see an
overview of all sites in his or her account, with their current status. Thanks to the
responsive design the website will resize automatically to provide an optimal viewing
experience on different sized displays: from small iPhones to large desktop screens.


The new website has a completely new and extensive alarm system. The website will
continuously monitor if the configured Victron installations are still online and
reporting. As soon as they go offline, for example due to telecommunication problems, the
user will be alerted by email. The user can also configure thresholds on all logged
parameters, for example input voltages and battery state of charge.

Prepared for the future

Victron is currently working on a new generation of Global Remotes that can also log
information from the MPPT Solar Chargers and other products. The new VRM website is
already set for this new feature.

And there is more to come:

In the future the VRM website will be further refined: based on the type of
installation of the user, only the most relevant information will be shown to improve the

View the new VRM website

To experience all the new features of the VRM website, visit


You can use the demo version by clicking on ‘Take a look inside’.

Profile Victron Energy

Electrical power specialist Victron continually develops new solutions for energy use
in diverse situations. Victron Energy is a respected supplier of independent
‘off-grid’-installations for the following sectors: Marine, Industrial, Vehicles, Off-grid
and revalidation. The product range comprises sine inverters, sine chargers/inverters,
battery chargers, DC/DC inverters, switching cabinets, the intelligent Battery Monitor and
more. Victron Energy has an enviable reputation in technical innovation, reliability and
sustainability. The products are recognized worldwide as the professional choice for
independent electrical energy supply. For additional information about Victron Energy go
to http://www.victronenergy.com.

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