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Silentium Introduces its Quiet Bubble Solutions for Consumers at CES

January 3, 2013

REHOVOT, Israel, January 3, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

Silentium [http://www.silentium.com ] will be demonstrating its unique Quiet Bubble
[http://www.silentium.com/wp-content/uploads/Silentium004-Web-Brochure-QB.pdf ][TM]
(QB(TM)) technology, as well as its field-proven noise reduction solutions and ANR
implementation/development tools at the CES Expo. Silentium’s Quiet Bubble[TM] (QB(TM))
technology reduces disturbing noise, creating “Zones of Quiet” around individuals, for
consumers at homes, offices, airplanes, motor vehicles, and public places. The Quiet
Bubble[TM] solution provides the benefits of ANR headphones (combining Noise Reduction and
Infotainment), without the use of headphones.

“Silentium’s noise reduction solutions focus on improving the quality of life,” says
Silentium CEO Yossi Barath. “We develop technology that allows manufacturers to introduce
premium products and to elevate the “Consumer Experience”, while eliminating the stress,
discomfort and health problems associated with exposure to noise.

Silentium’s QB(TM) technology reduces disturbing noise. It captures and cancels out
ambient noise in the environment, ensuring a “Zones of Quiet” around an individual. QB(TM)
is based on Silentium’s proprietary Zone-to-Zone Spatial Active Noise Control, which
produces opposing signals (anti-noise) with the same amplitude but with the opposite phase
as the disturbing, intrusive noise, providing a significant reduction in noise level.

The QB(TM) technology is available for manufacturers (OEMs and ODMs) to develop new
products and/or to apply within their line of products and present a breakthrough in the
consumer market.

Silentium is already collaborating with leading OEMs and ODMs, reducing noise
generated by products within industries such as HVAC, IT, Automotive, Medical equipment,
and home appliances, among others, reducing chronic noise pollution and creating greener

“We seek partners towards commercializing our Unique technology and Solutions,”
continues Barath. “Product makers can embed through design our QB(TM) Module (Hardware
and/or Software), into their Audio/Video Infotainment systems, workstations and more…”

About Silentium

Silentium Ltd. is a leading innovator in spatial Active Noise Control (ANC)
technology, developing innovative noise reduction solutions for both mass production and
custom requirements. Silentium’s unique, cutting-edge noise reduction solutions deliver
“Silence in a Chip” that is embedded by product developers and manufacturers and enable
them to offer superior silent products and to create Zones of Quiet for consumers.
Silentium’s Active Noise Control solutions can be applied to myriad applications such as
IT, HVAC, furniture, transportation, medical equipment, white goods, and more. For further
information please visit our website at http://www.silentium.com

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