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SkyMotion Now Available for Windows Phone Mobile Platform

January 15, 2013

SkyMotion’s redesigned app gives Windows Phone users accurate weather
forecast tool for day-to-day activities and effective time management

MONTREAL, Jan. 15, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – At the forefront of weather
Nowcasting technologies, SkyMotion has launched its weather app for
Microsoft’s smartphone platform Windows Phone. Redesigned with the new
Windows user interface and powered by Sky Motion Research Inc.’s
proprietary technology, the app helps users monitor impending bad
weather with an accurate minute-by-minute precipitation schedule, for
their exact location. SkyMotion is free and predicts rain, snow, hail
and freezing rain across North America.

While users can use all of the features available on its Android and iOS
counterparts, SkyMotion has been tailored for the modern UI style by
Microsoft, offering an enhanced and fluid user experience. The app
includes Live Tiles support, which allows users to monitor SkyMotion’s
precipitation forecasts in real-time for multiple locations
simultaneously. Locations can also be browsed through rapidly via the
software’s trademark panoramic view, which has also integrated into the
app’s interface.

“It wasn’t so long ago, this type of accurate weather forecasting
technology wasn’t even accessible to the public. It’s exciting to be
launching SkyMotion on the brand new Windows Phone platform and a whole
new audience,” said the CEO of Sky Motion Research Inc., Maxime Julien.
“Windows Phone users can now rely and trust our weather app. This is
the level of accuracy in weather everyone has been clamoring for.”

SkyMotion can be downloaded through the Windows Phone Store. Customer
care is available at info@skymotion.com, 7 days a week in 4 languages: English, Spanish, French, and Italian. A
free online version is equally available at www.skymotion.com

About Sky Motion Research Inc. and SkyMotion
Founded in 2008, Sky Motion Research Inc. is a pioneer in developing
highly accurate weather forecasting technologies. SkyMotion, its
proprietary technology and mobile apps suite, predicts with high
efficiency when precipitation will start, its intensity, and precisely
when it will end. Its focus on the user’s exact location and
up-to-the-minute updates are key to the technology’s accuracy.

SOURCE Sky Motion Research

Source: PR Newswire