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VADAR Communications Inc. Announces the Release of Their New Canadian Financing Web Application

January 21, 2013

VANCOUVER, Jan. 21, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – VADAR Communications Inc. offers a
sneak peek of The Venture Radar, an innovative web application that focuses on combining technology and
communication for mining companies and industry investors. 

VADAR is a trailblazer focused on increasing the exposure and
opportunity of investing in mining companies. Yesterday they announced
a new web application that makes it easier for busy investors to
navigate the Canadian financing details of mining companies on the TSX and TSX Venture.

Ryan Glasser, CEO of VADAR Communications, unveiled the application for
the first time at the Cambridge House – Vancouver Resource Investment Conference this Sunday.

“The Venture Radar is a web application that focuses on combining
technology with communication,” announced Glasser. “We took all of the
information that investors are already searching for and placed it in a
simple and consolidated package.”

Canadian financing resources are easily available in this comprehensive
application, where investors can filter through the mining and
exploration material they need with ease. Press releases announcing
financing information are easily accessible. In addition to Canadian
financing information, company news, industry sector, company
management, projects, and ticker symbols are available in collapsible
drop down menus.

Premium listings are also shown within the application, which display
individual company logos, websites, and marketing materials for
investors to review. Business presentations open directly for users
within the application, which negates the need for multi-window

Leon van der Poel, an investor familiar with the project, commented
about the ease of use that The Venture Radar offers. “This is an
innovative new way for investors to learn about the mining projects
that are increasing in both capital and value. Knowing who is raising
money is a great indicator.” 

About VADAR Communications Inc.
VADAR Communications is a Vancouver based, investor relations company
aimed at connecting mining companies, investors and institutions who
are currently seeking opportunities in today’s resource marketplace.
VADAR provides an avenue for mining companies to showcase their
business and projects to potential investors, enhancing a company’s
opportunity to raise capital through equity financings.

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