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Gold Miners Barrick and Kinross Technical Review: Victims of Improving Economy?

January 30, 2013

LONDON, January 30, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

Gold and other precious commodities have their heyday in times of economic
uncertainties. In the past decade, gold provided jaw-dropping returns, but lately, the
returns have been much more muted. To a certain extent, the plateau in gold prices has
been caused by relatively secure economic conditions. StockCall has issued comprehensive
technical analysis on Barrick Gold Corp. (NYSE: ABX) and Kinross Gold Corp. (NYSE: KGC).
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Stabilized gold prices are not only making investors wary of the future of gold, but
are also causing trouble with gold companies, especially gold mining companies. Barrick
Gold, one of the biggest gold producers in the world, declined steadily through the last
year. Kinross Gold also lost its value, despite providing positive financial numbers.
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Barrick Gold to Optimize Asset Mix

Barrick Gold Corporation stock is showing weakness. Its negative return of over 25
percent last year is also in contrast to gains shown by gold. While 2012 was not as good
as 2011 for gold, this gold producer fared even worse. In 2011, gold gains were mainly
driven by the uncertainty in the U.S. and global economy. However, these fears were
curtailed, to a certain extent, in 2012, leading gold prices to oscillate in a rather
narrow range. Prices are also likely to remain stable in the near future as has been shown
by the recent gold price reaction to positive job data. Gold prices stumbled after the
release of data showing lowest jobless claims in 5 years. The technical analysis report on
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It is not just the muted prices of gold that spells troubles for Barrick Gold. The
company is also dealing with rising operating costs. Irrational exuberance in gold price
forced gold mining companies to take risky bets and most of these companies burnt their
fingers. Barrick Gold is also attempting to optimize its asset portfolio. However, the
process does not look promising as the company struggled to close out its deal for the
African assets with China National Gold Group Corp. On the upside, the stock trades at
Price Earnings ratio of 9.79, making it a relatively inexpensive stock in comparison to
its peers. But with internal inefficiencies and pressure on gold prices, the stock is
likely to remain laggard in the near future.

Kinross Struggles with Rising Operating Costs

Kinross Gold Corporation [Free Report on KGC
[http://www.stockcall.com/Kinrosstechnicalreport29Jan.pdf ]](1) is another victim of
strained gold price. Like other gold companies, Kinross is also dealing with extravagant
portfolio expansions and rising operating costs. The company had to write down its Red
Back Mining investment by $2.5 billion. It had paid $7 billion for the property in 2010.
This write down had negative impact on the company’s bottom-line.

Kinross has overall poor track record of providing return to its investors. While it
offers about 2 percent dividend yield, the stock has lost about 50 percent of its value
since its listing in 1981. Its margins are also shrinking due to depressed gold prices and
increasing operating costs and the trend is likely to continue into the near future.

The operating inefficiencies of the gold mining companies are likely to deprive them
of any benefit arising out of gold price increase.


        1) Kinross Gold Corporation Technical Analysis [
          http://www.StockCall.com/KinrossGoldCorp012913.pdf ]

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