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Makhteshim Agan Industries Participated in the 2013 Economist Feeding the World Summit on Accelerating Global Food Security

February 4, 2013

TEL AVIV, Israel, February 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

The Makhteshim Agan Group (“MAI” or the “Company”) – The Makhteshim Agan Group
(“MAI”), the world leader in branded off-patent crop protection solutions, took an active
role in the leading Economist forum on global food security and sustainable agriculture.
Alongside influential decision-makers including Princess Maxima of the Netherlands, who is
the UN Secretary-General’s Special Advocate for Inclusive Finance for Development, and the
Minister of Agriculture of the Netherlands, as well as a variety of industry leaders, aid
agencies, and members of the research community, MAI debated the current issues of food
waste, pressure on scarce resources, and lack of R&D focus in the area of agriculture

Erez Vigodman, President and CEO of MAI commented: “The percentage of global private
R&D investment in the area of agriculture relative to global private R&D is a minute 1.5%.
Within that small percentage a significant portion is dedicated to seeds and traits.

At MAI, we believe that given the increasing role of agriculture in addressing the
global food challenge, a paradigm shift is needed and agriculture will need to be
completely transformed by a new focus on science and technology. The future of sustainable
agriculture that will successfully feed a rapidly growing population will depend on novel
technologies, not only in trait improvements but also in the fields of soil science,
climate smart agriculture (including precision farming), water use efficiency, agronomy,
crop varieties and farming practices mechanization and services.

These technologies should help in the reduction of land degradation, improve
effectiveness of water use in agriculture, increase crop yields in mature markets and
boost agriculture productivity in developing countries.

Additionally, there is a need to also focus the efforts on combating food waste along
every step of the food chain.

To this end, there is a need to challenge and redefine the most important productivity
opportunities in agriculture, the institutional mindset, mechanisms and level of
integrated approach, innovation rates and level of investment in R&D by the private sector
alongside with subsidies policies and effective pricing.

In my view, Israel represents a compelling case study of how to increase sustainable
agriculture in a world of limited resources and harsh agricultural climates. The necessity
of a unique and innovative farming approach is no longer limited to regions similar to
Israel. Innovative farming is now crucial worldwide to increase productivity and yields by
using less resources in order to maintain a sustainable future. Challenges in terms of
limited agricultural resources are quickly becoming a global issue, making these
innovative solutions relevant for many markets away from Israel.

To meet the challenge we collectively face the next era in agriculture requires real
partnerships between private and public players. At Makhteshim Agan, with our roots in
Israel and unique partnership with ChemChina we have better access and more commitment to
make a real difference in one of the world’s largest populations.”

About Makhteshim Agan

Makhteshim Agan Industries Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and distributor worldwide of
crop-protection solutions and the largest off-patent player in the industry. The Company
supplies efficient solutions to farmers that assist them in combating disease and
increasing yields. In 2011, the Company’s revenues were over $2.69 billion, and it is
ranked seventh in the world in the overall agro-chemicals industry. The Company is
characterized by its know-how, high-level technological-chemical abilities, expertise in
product registration, and observance of strict standards of environmental protection,
stringent quality control and global marketing and distribution channels. For more
information, visit us at http://www.ma-industries.com.

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        SVP of Global Corporate Communications
        Email: IR@ma-industries.com
        Phone: +972-73-232-1941

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