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CWF Africa to Americas Expedition Day 14: Wildlife Inspires Rowers through Difficult Seas

February 5, 2013

OTTAWA, Feb. 5, 2013 /CNW/ – Three days after the CWF Africa to Americas Expedition launched from Senegal a massive wave crashed down on the OAR Northwest
ocean rowboat. The immense force broke an oar, swept away some
supplies, and almost claimed the captain. Now 14 days into the
trans-Atlantic rowing expedition the crew pushes forward inspired by
face-to-face wildlife encounters with dolphins, flying fish and

“These four young men are rowing across the Atlantic to raise awareness
of the danger the world’s oceans are in,” said Wade Luzny, CEO
Executive Vice President, Canadian Wildlife Federation. “The public is
invited to join the journey online and to show solidarity with this
incredible conservation challenge.”

The two American and two Canadian rowers are attempting this Guinness
Record-setting ocean row in a fully-equipped 1800 kg (two ton) boat
outfitted with the latest safety and communications gear. The 8.8 metre
(29 foot) boat is loaded with supplies to survive 100 days at sea.

“Our goal is to connect and educate the public about conservation
through the power of adventure,” says expedition member and 2008
Olympic Gold Medalist Adam Kreek.  “We aim to promote the benefits of
science and communicate the beautiful mystery of our oceans, while
inspiring young people to branch out, explore our planet, and connect
with the power of nature.”

The adventurers are rowing 24 hours a day in two person shifts studying
the state of our planet’s oceans as well as the state of their personal
health, with help from the University of Washington, University of
Calgary Centre for Sleep & Human Performance and a number of other
institutions. When they are not rowing, the athletes will sleep in
one-, two-, and four-hour shifts, monitored by scientists to study
their irregular sleep patterns and circadian rhythms while under
constant duress of the extreme journey.

For more information, visit YourWildAdventure.ca and OARNorthwest.org.

Founded in 2005, OAR Northwest is a non-profit organization specializing
in Ocean Adventure Rowing and Education. OAR Northwest connects with
partners to propel youth, schools, community members and businesses to
showcase the outdoors, marine habitat and healthy lifestyles.
Face-to-face interactions with expedition crew members, online tracking
technology and adventure learning curriculum help achieve these goals.
For more information, visit OARnorthwest.org.

Founded in 1962, the Canadian Wildlife Federation is a national,
not-for-profit charitable organization dedicated to fostering awareness
and appreciation of our natural world. By spreading knowledge of human
impacts on the environment, sponsoring research, developing and
delivering education programs, promoting the sustainable use of natural
resources, recommending changes to policy and co-operating with
like-minded partners, CWF encourages a future in which Canadians can
live in harmony with nature. For more information visit CanadianWildlifeFederation.ca.

SOURCE Canadian Wildlife Federation

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