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Car Parts Retailer Urges Pre-emptive Maintenance Ahead of MOT Season

February 26, 2013

LONDON, February 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

MOT season is almost upon us and the team at Euro Car Parts
[http://www.eurocarparts.com ] is urging people to get their vehicles into the best
possible position to pass. In the last few years, government guidelines have made it more
difficult for older cars to pass their MOT tests, so a bit of prior maintenance is often

Among the chief areas of concern for motorists who own vehicles that are ten or more
years old are the components and parts that maintain fuel efficiency. This is largely
because the government has become more savvy in recent years with regard to the
environmental impact of motoring and as a result has put measures in place to penalise
drivers whose cars don’t meet the necessary environmental standards. The usual penalty is
a failed MOT.

As such, the team at Euro Car Parts is keen to encourage drivers to approach their
mechanics and repairers with regard to improvements that can be made to these systems
ahead of their next MOT. A failed MOT represents a significant expense because of the work
that may need to be carried out before a second test is undertaken.

Those motorists that are proactive about investing in new parts to replace faulty or
underperforming components inevitably end up spending less in the long run by anticipating
issues before they turn into full scale mechanical problems with serious consequences.
Regular services and check-ups are advised to keep potential risks at bay – both in terms
of the safety of the vehicle in question and in terms of the environmental impact of
driving that vehicle.

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