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AID Corporation Deploys Korea’s First Unidirectional Security Gateways

March 5, 2013

NEW YORK, March 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

Waterfall Security Solutions, the leading provider of Unidirectional Security
Gateways, and AID Corporation, a leading systems integrator with headquarters in Seoul,
today announced the successful installation of Waterfall’s Unidirectional Security
Gateways at a Korean nuclear generator.

“Waterfall is very pleased with the reception we have had from Korean critical
infrastructures” said Lior Frenkel, CEO and Co-Founder of Waterfall Security Solutions.
“These organizations face very real physical and cyber threats and they have been quick to
recognize the value of strong protection for their critical control networks.”

AID Corporation uses Waterfall’s patented technology to replicate Emerson Ovation
servers from critical industrial control system networks to business networks in real
time, without introducing any way for a cyber-attack to propagate from those business
networks back into control system networks. The gateway hardware prevents any signal from
flowing back to critical networks from the replica servers or their associated networks.

Mr. Hyun J. Son, the Managing Director of Technical Sales at AID Corporation observes
that “Deploying conventional firewalls at industrial sites, and especially at nuclear
generators, is always a concern. Every communications path through a firewall which lets
information flow out to business networks also allows attacks to flow back into critical
control system networks. The Waterfall technology completely eliminates this concern.” He
also points out that “Not only do the Unidirectional Gateways solve the security problem,
they were painless to install.”

The Waterfall Unidirectional Gateways are a combination of hardware and software. The
hardware transmits data out of critical networks without allowing any signal whatsoever
back into those networks. The software part of the gateway solution integrates industrial
systems to business systems through server replication. Faithful replicas make integration
simple. In most cases, the replicas are so accurate that replacement of plant firewalls
with Waterfall gateways requires no change whatsoever in the configuration of business
systems or in end user access procedures and training.

Huh Hyung-Hoe, the President of AID Corp adds “AID Corp has been serving Korean
industries with plant information and automation systems for 25 years. In the last several
years, the cyber threats we are tracking have increased sharply. AID Corp is working with
leading security vendors, government experts, as well as with industrial and academic
researchers to assemble integrated and effective industrial security systems in response
to these threats. Waterfall’s Unidirectional Security Gateways are significant evolution
in control system network protection and we are pleased to be working with Waterfall to
bring the benefits of strong network security to Korean industry.”

Waterfall Security Solutions is a world-leading security provider headquartered in
Tel-Aviv, Israel. Waterfall’s patented Unidirectional Security Gateway solutions enable
industrial sites to securely integrate their critical industrial systems with business
users and systems without exposing industrial networks to the risks and threats of
cyber-attacks, cyber terrorism, and hacktivism originating on secure networks. Waterfall’s
cyber security solutions assist nuclear and conventional generators, oil and gas
platforms, refineries, pipelines, utilities and other critical infrastructures to achieve
compliance with NRC, NERC-CIP, CFATS and other regulations and standards, as well as with
cyber-security policies and best practices.

AID Corporation provides power, petro-chemical, chemical, pulp and paper and steel
industries with the most sophisticated and effective plant information and automation
systems. AID Corporation’s solutions support engineering, operations and business
decisions which maximize productivity and profitability. AID Corporation’s engineering
support enables customers to make maximum use of their plant and automation systems.

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