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Guidant Financial Soars to The Aid of American Airlines Pilots

March 19, 2013

Financing leader rolling retirement funds into self-directed IRAs to protect pilot pensions with special deal

BELLEVUE, Wash., March 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — In light of recent news about American Airlines pilots being forced to move their ‘B-fund’ retirement monies due to the airline bankruptcy, many are turning to Guidant Financial to save their retirement investments. Several pilots have already reached out to Guidant to roll over their retirement funds into a self-directed IRA, which allows individuals to purchase alternative investments inside their retirement plan without a tax penalty. The self-directed IRA option is the most flexible option available to approximately 9,000 pilots faced with a looming deadline to move their retirement savings as the airline reorganizes in the face of bankruptcy. Guidant is offering a special deal to American Airlines pilots due to the time constraint, including expediting rollovers and waiving the first month of administrative fees.

A custodial self-directed IRA allows individuals to purchase alternative investments such as real estate, tax liens, private loans, mortgages and more, without any set-up fees. It provides the control necessary for accessing time-sensitive investments. With this alternative investment option, conscientious contributors to IRAs and long-term employees with healthy company 401(k)s can access their hard-earned money to make it work for them without distribution penalties, before the official retirement age.

“Many of us panicked when we were notified of the injunction,” said Stephen Grace, American Airlines pilot of 27 years. “But, when I learned about the option of a self-directed IRA to save my hard-earned retirement funds, it was clear that it was the most prudent of my options. Guidant was well versed and explained the process the best out of all the companies I explored. And, Guidant has been incredibly helpful in getting the process underway quickly for all of us so we can complete our transactions in time.”

The American Airlines B-fund allows pilots three main options. The first is a lump sum distribution, which could eat up a lot of the money by way of fees and penalties. The second is a 401(k) rollover that allows individuals to borrow against it (only if they can pay it back in a reasonable amount of time), but only provides a limited number of investments and requires administrative and recordkeeping maintenance. And, third is an IRA, which provides a greater selection of investment options (real estate, tax liens, etc.) and allows individuals to hire a financial advisor. Guidant Financial’s custodial self-directed IRA does not require a set-up fee and can be established well in advance of the pilots’ looming deadline.

“Pilots are used to being in control, and their retirement funds should be no different,” said David Nilssen, CEO of Guidant Financial. “We are currently working around the clock to assist American Airlines pilots in protecting their retirement funds and are pleased to offer them a special deal. Our self-directed IRA is the fastest and smartest way to preserve their funds today.”

For more information on how to get started with a self-directed IRA, call 888-472-4455 or visit http://idirect.guidantfinancial.com/AA-PlanB.php.

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