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Power and Water Summit to Explore Customer Service in Light of Future Industry Liberalisation

April 3, 2013

MUSCAT, Oman, April 3, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

Over 25 international utility industry experts will join key representatives from the
Public Authority for Electricity and Water, Authority for Electricity Regulation, Ministry
of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources, Electricity Holding Company and Oman Power
and Water Procurement Company at the third annual Oman Power and Water Summit between 5 -
7 May 2013 at Al Bustan Palace Muscat.

“No longer are the utility services of electricity and water either ‘dull’ or
‘backwater’. Energy policy is top of the agenda in Oman, just as it is in Great Britain
and the European Union. The triple challenge of ensuring security of supply, affordability
and reducing carbon emissions is a common global theme. Industry models, regulation and
structures are at the heart of the resolution of these challenges. The Oman Power and
Water Summit 2013 is focused on addressing these issues in Oman and provides the
opportunity to listen to other countries’ experiences.”

Stuart Cook, Managing Director, E-Serve and Board Member, OFGEM, UK (Key speaker at
OPWS 2013)

The summit will explore five key themes which include: Oman’s energy policy review,
customer service, asset management, health and safety and renewable energy projects.

Highlights of day one will consist of an introduction to the current status of Oman’s
Energy Policy Review by John Cunneen, Executive Director and Board Member, Authority for
Electricity Regulation (AER) and an update on OPWP’s 7 Year statement and projects
outlook, which will be presented by Ahmed Al Jahdhami, Chief Executive Officer, Oman Power
and Water Procurement Company.

Day two will focus on partnering with the private sector to develop a customer-focused
industry and effectively managing resources to meet demand from existing customers and
future demand through the perspective of international experts including Stuart Cook,
Managing Director, E-Serve and Board Member, Ofgem and Teresa Perchard, Director of Policy
and Advocacy, Citizens Advice, both from the UK.

When asked about whether ongoing complaints, such as price and complexity, can be
addressed by new regulations or polices, Teresa Perchard from Citizens Advice commented,
“I think there are a few things that policy makers in other countries could probably learn
from, such as the introduction of competition in our energy market. It was expected to
improve competition for consumers to shop around and find the best deals that could drive
up standards and drive down price.”

Teresa notes that the introduction of competition into the UK energy market reduces
trust in the energy suppliers but as prices have continued to rise, consumers are less and
less likely to switch. The result is “more regulations on the energy market requiring
fewer tariffs, simpler tariffs, information on bills to be much clearer…which is not
what you usually expect from a competitive market. In fact…because of the aspects of the
competition, you have to regulate more tightly.”

In addition, there will be local perspectives from EHC and its subsidiaries, PAEW,
MRMWR and Haya Water.

The third day will feature renewable energy plans and projects for 2013 and beyone
from key stakeholders including: IRENA, Clean Energy Business Council, PAEW, Rural Areas
Electricity Company, Majan Electricity Company and Public Establishment for Industrial

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