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Award-Winning Dairy Clover Stornetta Introduces Premium “Everyday Artisanal” Cheese

April 9, 2013

Local Cheese Masters from Northern California’s Coastal Region help produce the small-batch premium cheese line

PETALUMA, Calif., April 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Three-generation family-owned and family-operated dairy Clover Stornetta announced today that it is extending its expertise at producing California’s finest milk to a new small-batch premium cheese line made in partnership with local California cheese masters.

Clover collaborated with a select group of local artisan cheese makers, renowned for their commitment to small-scale craft, to develop specific recipes using 100% Clover milk. California cheese artisans Bob Laffranchi, Edwin Rizo, Ben Gregerson, and John Dundon are the first chosen cheese makers. Each runs a family-owned, multi-generational, local business.

“We’ve had a steeped history in the milk industry, and now we want to apply those values, traditions, and authenticity with our dairy families to extend from milk to cheese,” explained Clover President and CEO Marcus Benedetti. “This line is about locally-made, premium quality, everyday artisanal cheese at an affordable price,” he said.

Varieties include Sharp, Medium and Mild Cheddar; Monterey and Pepper Jack; Mozzarella; Havarti; and Mexican Blend. Clover cheeses are available in block, shred, and sliced forms, in resealable 8oz and 12oz see-through packages.

Unlike mass-produced cheese, smaller artisanal batches are guided by the cheese makers’ respect for the hands-on process required of each variety. As Laffranchi noted, “The cheese is the boss.”

The best milk makes the best cheese. There is a waiting list to become one of the few select dairy families in Sonoma and Marin Counties with whom Clover works intimately to produce the highest quality natural and organic fluid milk on the market. The special combination of Northern California coastal climate, abundant green pastures, and humane management of small, closed dairy herds yields arguably the best-tasting and cleanest milk in the U.S.

“Our way is not to crunch data to analyze opportunities, but rather to listen to our consumers and trade partners, and use the milk from the greatest milkshed in the country to develop new products, then trust there will be consumers for whom that makes a difference,” said Benedetti.

“When we look at the industry changes from generation to generation, there is an opportunity to do a little soul searching and find out what you stand for. We think the story of the milk matters most, and everything that’s in that loop–small family business, sustainable practices, animal compassion–all the tenets that we stand for,” explains Kiowa Saunders who led the development of the cheese line at Clover.

To learn more and hear from the cheese makers themselves, watch the video at http://cloverstornetta.com/meet-our-cheesemakers/


Clover Stornetta Farms is a three-generation family-owned and -operated dairy located in Petaluma, California. Clover was the first dairy in the nation to be certified by the American Humane Association for its humane treatment of animals and was the first dairy West of the Mississippi to offer milk free of the growth hormone rBST. Clover focuses on sustainability and the humane treatment of animals so you can enjoy Clover dairy products in good conscience and good health.

Joanie Benedetti Claussen, Director of Marketing
Clover Stornetta Farms

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