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Soil Care Is Essential for Healthy Green Spaces

April 9, 2013

THETFORD, England, April 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

Soil degradation is one of the hot news topics in environmental sciences at the
moment. This is a global problem but it’s not something that is likely to affect
well-managed green spaces here in the UK. A smart approach to soil is what gardeners and
groundskeepers really need according to keep their green spaces healthy, according to soil
experts Soil Online [http://www.soilonline.co.uk ].

The team at Soil Online specialise in supplying high quality top soil, compost and
bark that provide the perfect growing conditions for lawns, crops, flowers and all manner
of plant life. As such, they are in the ideal position to advise people on how to maintain
soil in their gardens.

Nutrients can be washed out of soil that is not managed properly, but this is not the
only issue at hand. Farmers and gardeners are more likely to face the problem of disease.
This report on the Farming UK website
[http://www.farminguk.com/news/Wet-soils-create-complex-soil-pest-and-disease-challenge_25196.html ]
gives plenty of insight into the growth and spread of soil pest and disease that
effect wet soils.

However, there is also a danger of soils drying out and being affected by persistent
weeds. Visitors to http://www.soilonline.co.uk will currently find an excellent range
of soils for different applications in gardens and other green spaces, both domestic and
commercial, alongside barks that help to protect the integrity of the soil.

Replacing soil is a fantastic way of restoring the health of lawns and borders and
spring months represent the ideal time to get started because this is traditionally a time
when gardeners can rely on frosty conditions disappearing, giving lawns time to bed in and
giving flowers and border plants the right conditions in which to thrive.

Soil Online is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of high quality soils. The company
boasts collection depots in Thetford in Norfolk and in Southport and Lymm in the North
West. They also offer customers the opportunity to buy soil for fast delivery online.

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