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Amphenol Aerospace Becomes the First Qualified Supplier of Multiple Mil-Spec Plating Alternatives to Cadmium

April 15, 2013

Black Zinc Nickel joins Durmalon on the QPL for plating finishes offered by Amphenol Aerospace

SIDNEY, N.Y., April 15, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Amphenol Aerospace (NYSE: APH), a global leader in interconnect technologies, has received authorization from the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) for their Black Zinc Nickel, “Z” Class plating finish. This qualification covers all Amphenol Aerospace Series III D38999 connectors. Black Zinc Nickel and Durmalon are the only qualified Mil-Spec approved alternatives to Cadmium.

As commercial, industrial, and military markets are rapidly moving away from hazardous materials such as Cadmium, Amphenol is proud to be the only supplier offering customers two non-hazardous finishes. The Black Zinc Nickel and Durmalon finishes are RoHS compliant and meet or exceed MIL-DTL-38999 specifications. Both Black Zinc Nickel and Durmalon plating finishes can withstand 500 hours of dynamic salt spray and 500 mating cycles. Both plating options are also conductive and non-reflective.

Kyle Brown, Product Manager for Amphenol Aerospace, says, “Amphenol is extremely pleased to announce this new product offering. We look forward to leading the interconnect market as the demand for Cadmium alternatives and environmentally friendly products continues to grow.”

Customers can order Black Zinc Nickel or Durmalon finishes directly through Amphenol or any of their authorized distributors. Test reports are available upon request.

Contact Information:
Kyle Brown
Product Manager
(607) 563-5335

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