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Brownie’s Marine Group Announces Sale Of A Triton 3300/3 Submersible

April 17, 2013

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., April 17, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Brownie’s Marine Group, Inc. (OTCBB: BWMG), a leading developer, manufacturer and distributor of highly specialized dive and water safety products, today announced that it has secured the sale of a Triton 3300/3 submersible.

The denomination 3300/3 refers to the depth rating of 3,300 feet for up to three people. Triton builds competitively superior submersibles uniquely suited to yacht and exploration ship integration. Triton production models are available in two and three person versions; custom, multi-passenger arrangements are also available. Depth ratings of 1,000 foot, 3,300 foot and 36,000 feet complete the offerings to “FOD” / full-ocean-depth. The 3,300/3 is the most popular version among the Triton clientele to date.

“Submarines have recently gained in popularity in the private yachting market and for research, film and exploration teams. By far most of the waters around the globe are unexplored and still hold untold wonders to be discovered,” said Robert Carmichael, Brownie’s Marine Group CEO.

The superior design of the Triton Submarine is coming of age at a time when more and more yacht owners and scientists take an active role in documenting the undersea realm. One such expedition recently led to the visual, live confirmation of the existence of the giant squid. The full story and video as documented by the Discovery channel is available at: www.browniesmarinegroup.com/submarines/triton-subs/.

The Triton Submersibles are particularly well suited for this growing market as they encompass many competitive superiorities including:

  • Specially designed to be operated from larger yachts, and small expedition ships due to their super-compact footprint, unsurpassed efficiency, and unique ability to exchange passengers without being re-loaded to the deck of the ship.
  • The specially designed acrylic sphere is optically matched to sea-water and provides an unobstructed view in all intuitive directions, yielding a very comfortable and natural experience, even for the novice.
  • Catamaran hull design and top mounted hatch provides incredible surface stability and freeboard, providing for easy exchange of passengers while resting on the surface making it far more cost effective to own and operate. Typical submarines must be hoisted back onto/into the deck of the Mothership for exchange of passengers, often an uncomfortable, resource intensive, and time consuming task. The Triton’s simply integrate into a yacht program like a tender.

“The collaboration between Triton Submarines and Brownie’s Marine Group is a natural and powerful symbiosis as Brownie’s Marine Group already has extensive reach and relations with the yacht industry, yacht owners, and exploration teams around the world. Brownie’s resources are uniquely geared to supply everything needed for their diving pleasures or explorations, from equipment for small leisurely dives all the way to exploration grade, deep venturing submarines and all support systems in between,” Mr. Carmichael explained.

For more information on the Triton Submarines and details on its competitive superiorities, please visit http://www.browniesmarinegroup.com/triton-subs.

For enquiries on Triton Submarines and yacht-based submersible solutions, please contact Mr. Carmichael at robert@browniesmarinegroup.com

About Brownie’s Marine Group, Inc.

Brownie’s Marine Group, Inc. and its wholly owned subsidiary, Trebor Industries, Inc., d/b/a Brownie’s Third Lung, based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida designs, tests, manufactures and distributes recreational hookah diving, yacht based scuba air compressor and Nitrox Generation Systems, and scuba and water safety products. The Company sells its products both on a wholesale and retail basis and is comprised of three highly specialized dive product groups. The Company is an industry leading manufacturing and distribution company that serves middle income boat owners, higher income yacht owners, recreational divers, military operators and public safety personnel. The Company holds more than ten patents and enjoys a robust product development and intellectual property program that has yielded several proprietary products. Many of these products and innovations have become the “standard” for the marine industry. The Company is known for its meticulous devotion to detail, high quality production and design ingenuity. In the boating and diving community, Brownie’s is known as the market leader when it comes to surface supplied “Third Lung” dive systems and Scuba Tankfill Systems for yacht-based diving. Brownie’s products and support service divers at all levels of the underwater world, from shallow-water dive systems to deep-water mixed gas support systems for exploration divers and submariners.

In 2011, Brownie’s introduced the first in a series of patent-pending Variable Speed Battery Powered Third Lung (hookah diving) devices engineered to conserve energy while delivering performance to the diver.


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