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Syngenta First Quarter 2013 Sales $4.6 Billion

April 18, 2013

BASEL, Switzerland, April 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

        - Integrated regional sales up 8 percent at constant exchange rates
        - Continuing momentum, growth across all regions
        - High grower profitability supporting ongoing technology adoption

In the first quarter of 2013 integrated sales increased by 8 percent at constant
exchange rates, with volumes up 6 percent and prices 2 percent higher. Group sales
including Lawn and Garden were up by 7 percent: excluding the impact of acquisitions and
divestments in Lawn and Garden, group sales were up 8 percent. Reported sales were 6
percent higher at $4.6 billion.

Integrated regional sales

In Europe, Africa and the Middle East sales were up 10 percent, driven in particular
by the CIS, with further expansion of the product portfolio and higher acreage
expectations for spring crops. Growth was also strong in South East Europe and in France,
where new fungicide launches and corn and cereal herbicides played a key role. Sales in
Italy and in some northern European countries were lower owing to cold wet weather which
has delayed the start to the season. North America saw continuing strong growth in crop
protection with sales up 14 percent despite a prolonged winter. Significant contributions
came from the corn herbicide CALLISTO(R) and from VIBRANCE(R) seed care, which has
recently been launched and achieved sales of more than $50 million in the quarter.

Latin America completed a strong season driven by Brazil, where fungicide sales were
up by more than 30 percent and sales of insecticides also grew significantly owing to
increased insect pressure in soybean and cotton. Crop protection sales for sugar cane
expanded as technology adoption continues. In Asia Pacific, growth was concentrated in the
emerging markets of ASEAN, more than offsetting another difficult season due to weather in
Australasia. Seeds continued their growth trajectory led by corn, with strong demand for
treated hybrids.

Product line sales

Double digit growth in Selective herbicides was led by corn herbicides and by AXIAL(R)
on cereals, notably in France. Non-selective herbicides rebounded from a weak first
quarter in 2012 largely due to TOUCHDOWN(R) which saw significant volume and price
advances. Growth in Fungicides was more moderate, with strength in Brazil, France and the
CIS partly offset by adverse weather in some countries and by lower US sales. SEGURIS(R)
was successfully launched in Central Europe having received full EU regulatory approval in
2012. Growth in Insecticides was driven in Brazil by ACTARA(R) and in the USA by FORCE(R),
whichcontinued to demonstrate its value as part of integrated corn rootworm management
programs. Seed care sales increased by more than 20 percent led by the successful launch
of VIBRANCE(R); CRUISER(R) continued its expansion in emerging markets with strong growth
in both Latin America and Asia Pacific.

In Corn and soybean seeds, sales expanded rapidly in the CIS and in Asia Pacific.
North American corn sales excluding the impact of lower licensing income were broadly flat
following a strong fourth quarter performance in 2012. Soybean sales were slightly lower
as a late spring delayed purchasing. In Diverse field crops strong growth in sunflower,
notably in Eastern Europe, more than offset a significant decline in sugar beet reflecting
lower acreage in Europe and the USA. Vegetables continued the upturn evident at the end of
2012, with a more positive environment for growers in the Americas and Asia Pacific.

Lawn and Garden

Lawn and Garden sales of $200 million reflected the impact of divestments which will
significantly improve the profitability of the business. Excluding both acquisitions and
divestments sales were unchanged.

Mike Mack, Chief Executive Officer, said: “Business momentum was sustained in the
first quarter of 2013 despite adverse weather in March delaying northern hemisphere
plantings. Farmer sentiment remains strong and we will continue to drive innovative offers
through a commercial organization which is now fully integrated in all territories. For
the full year, we expect the impact of currencies and chemical raw materials to be broadly
neutral and cost efficiencies to help offset lower licensing income and higher production
costs in seeds. We also expect to generate significant free cash flow and sales growth in
line with the target for our eight key crops of $25 billion in 2020.”

Syngenta is one of the world’s leading companies with more than 27,000 employees in
over 90 countries dedicated to our purpose: Bringing plant potential to life. Through
world-class science, global reach and commitment to our customers we help to increase crop
productivity, protect the environment and improve health and quality of life. For more
information about us please go to http://www.syngenta.com.

Cautionary Statement Regarding Forward-Looking Statements

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‘estimated’, ‘aiming’, ‘on track’ and similar expressions. Such statements may be subject
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Unaudited first quarter sales

        1) <start_table>
          For the quarter ended March 31,
          ($m) 2013 2012 Actual % CER[1] %
          Group sales
          Europe, Africa and Middle East 1,936 1,759 +10 +10
          North America 1,341 1,269 +6 +6
          Latin America 568 497 +14 +14
          Asia Pacific 525 530 -1 +2
          Total regional sales 4,370 4,055 +8 +8
          Lawn and Garden 200 249 -20 -19
          Group sales 4,570 4,304 +6 +7
          Crop Protection by region
          Europe, Africa and Middle East 1,267 1,166 +9 +9
          North America 890 784 +14 +14
          Latin America 500 429 +16 +16
          Asia Pacific 468 482 -3 -
          Total 3,125 2,861 +9 +10
          Seeds by region
          Europe, Africa and Middle East 686 605 +14 +14
          North America 460 496 -7 -7
          Latin America 78 76 +2 +2
          Asia Pacific 58 48 +20 +22
          Total 1,282 1,225 +5 +5
          Sales by business
          Crop Protection 3,125 2,861 +9 +10
          Seeds 1,282 1,225 +5 +5
          Elimination of Crop Protection
          sales to Seeds (37) (31) n/a n/a
          Total regional sales 4,370 4,055 +8 +8
          Lawn and Garden 200 249 -20 -19
          Group sales 4,570 4,304 +6 +7

1. Growth at constant exchange rates.

Unaudited first quarter product line sales

        1) <start_table>
          For the quarter ended March 31,
          ($m) 2013 2012 Actual % CER[1] %
          Selective herbicides 1,011 912 +11 +11
          Non-selective herbicides 302 234 +29 +30
          Fungicides 926 901 +3 +3
          Insecticides 480 462 +4 +5
          Seed care 379 314 +21 +21
          Other crop protection 27 38 -31 -28
          Total Crop Protection 3,125 2,861 +9 +10
          Corn and soybean 700 707 -1 -1
          Diverse field crops 415 356 +16 +17
          Vegetables 167 162 +3 +3
          Total Seeds 1,282 1,225 +5 +5
          Elimination of Crop Protection
          sales to Seeds (37) (31) n/a n/a
          Lawn and Garden 200 249 -20 -19
          Group sales 4,570 4,304 +6 +7

1. Growth at constant exchange rates.

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