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Michigan-Based Internet Retailer Opens Online Store to Support Indoor Gardening: www.compostumbling.com

April 22, 2013

SOUTH LYON, Mich., April 22, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Michigan-based internet retailer, Tipakl Retailer LLC, today announced that is has opened its online store at www.compostumbling.com, selling a vast array of indoor and at-home gardening supplies.

Products available at compostumbling.com include mini-greenhouses, single trays, multi-tray systems, indoor gardening sets, coir bricks, and live red wiggler composting worms.

Founder and owner of Tipakl Retailer LLC and its new online store at compostumbling.com, Timothy Klamik, states, “If cold weather, animals or bugs are destroying your garden, indoor gardening might be the solution for you. Indoor gardening eliminates these problems by maintaining optimal growing conditions and controlling the amount of light, nutrients, and water your plants get.”

Utilizing the environmentally safe compost products sold at compostumbling.com results in healthier flowers and vegetables. The website provides an extensive FAQ section which further explains how worm castings benefit one’s garden. On average, worm castings contain five times the available nitrogen, seven times the available potash, and one and a half times more calcium than found in average topsoil.

Many products found at the online store are also manufactured from recycled materials. The Company plans to continually update its product lines as new items come into stock.

Compostumbling.com accepts all major credit cards including PayPal and items purchased can be shipped anywhere within the United States. Live worms ship once a week on Monday and Tuesday only by US Postal Service Priority Mail. The price of worms includes shipping to continental US and Alaska only.

For more information on Tipakl Retailer LLC and its new online store, visit www.compostumbling.com.

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