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Peace of Mind Roadside Assistance with New Honda App

April 24, 2013

LONDON, April 24, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

Honda has launched its new Honda Assistance App for smartphone users to make life on
the road that bit easier. The primary function of the App is to enable Honda car and
motorcycle customers covered either by the manufacturer’s warranty or a Honda extended
guarantee to request roadside assistance should their vehicle breakdown. In addition,
qualifying Honda car customers can request accident assistance should their vehicle be
involved in a road traffic accident.

Honda’s legendary reputation for outstanding reliability
[http://www.honda.co.uk/cars/campaigns/2012/reliabilityaward ] means you’re less likely to
be stranded at the roadside with a Honda car or motorcycle, but should the worst happen,
the free App will take the hassle out of the experience. It’s suitable for iPhone,
Blackberry and Android operating systems and is available through online app stores now.

It means there’s no need to search for the right phone number or try to pinpoint an
exact location – the Honda Assistance App does all this for you.

Developed in conjunction with the AA motoring organisation, several other features
have been incorporated into the App. All are designed to be of benefit to the customer and

* Breakdown and Accident Assistance: routes the caller through to Hondacare

* Honda Happiness Insurance: where customers can request a quote for cover, or
retrieve an existing one.

* AA Roadwatch: for the latest traffic updates and news of delays to their journey.

* My Details: where personal information is stored, making it easy for the call
handler to contact them.

* My Reminders: to alert the customer when their MoT, service, insurance or extended
warranty is due.

The new Honda App can be downloaded free of charge from Blackberry ‘App World’, Apple
‘App Store’ and Android ‘Google Play Store’.


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