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Guangzhou Shengjie Enters its 15th Year in the Industry

April 24, 2013

GUANGZHOU, China, April 24, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Guangzhou Shengjie Artificial Plant Co., Ltd. is entering its 15(th) year in the simulation plant industry and is adjusting its developing strategy in order to put more attention on overseas markets.

The popularity of artificial flowers, artificial plants, artificial trees, artificial potted plants, and simulation plants is increasing every year. The advance of simulation technology and improvements in the level of plant simulation have really boosted the market. Due to climate and geographical constraints, some areas are not suitable for the growth of certain plants. Flowering plants are difficult to take certain care of, thus not doing well in fast-paced environments. In addition, beautiful tropical plants are rare. The scenery which decorates a number of shopping malls, real estate developments, large public places, and stores mostly takes the form of a lease to rent agreement geared towards modifying indoor and outdoor decorations. It can cost anywhere from tens of thousands to more than twelve million to accomplish.

Artificial plants, artificial trees and simulation plant products are gradually emerging in this environment because of their high degree of simulation. Due to effective display usage and easy maintenance, the price is very affordable. More businesses have gradually come to utilize plant simulation and simulation trees. As human knowledge and understanding expands, there has been a trend towards the replacement of real plants. First, let us first understand artificial plants, artificial trees and simulation potted plant materials and technology. Generally, after years of plant simulation development, most artificial plants and artificial tree materials in the markets use resin materials, leaves, plastic leaves, cloth, and half gum leaves??. After simulating high pure gum leaves for artificial plants and artificial trees, the results are satisfactory and blackish green and green are now appropriate colors.

Recommendation: Do not choose a color that is too bright or too fake. Businesses generally put artificial plants in places where people may feel the plastic. With this in mind, a soft touch mimicking real leaves is desirable. The price according to the degree of simulation is generally more than hundred dollars. Guangzhou Shengjie Artificial Plant Co., Ltd. works to beautify the global landscape and to create a green world.

To find out more about our products, please visit our website http://guangzhoushengjie.en.alibaba.com. We are a 4(th) Gold Supplier on Alibaba.com and have gone through “Supplier Assessment,” Alibaba.com‘s most in-depth verification service to date.

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