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ICL Reacts to PCS Decision Regarding Potential Merger

April 25, 2013

TEL AVIV, Israel, April 25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

ICL (TASE:ICL), a multinational fertilizer and specialty chemicals company, today
reacted to the announcement by Potash Corp. (“PCS”) that it no longer intends to pursue a
merger with ICL.

At no time did ICL receive a proposal or offer regarding a merger transaction, nor was
it in any way involved in any discussions with PCS regarding such a transaction.

ICL believes that global partnerships with strong players, such as PCS, are a welcome
strategic alternative for ICL, but that they are only one possible option to ensure the
continued growth and success of ICL.

ICL is a strong company with an attractive future in all its businesses, including
fertilizers. In the potash market, ICL is a medium size, low cost producer, and by no
means dependent on other players in the market. Each of ICL’s three production sites are
globally competitive and have attractive growth potential.

As communicated several months ago, ICL continues to focus its strategy on addressing
the world’s essential core needs: Food, Agriculture, Materials and Energy. ICL is
currently working on a detailed plan to develop these core markets thereby significantly
increasing its growth.

About ICL

ICL is one of the world’s leading fertilizer and specialty chemicals companies. For a
world challenged by population growth and scarce resources, ICL makes products that
increase global food and water supplies and improve industrial materials and processes.

ICL produces approximately a third of the world’s bromine and is the 6th largest
potash producer in the world. ICL is a leading supplier of fertilizers in Europe and a
major player in specialty fertilizer market segments. One of the world’s most integrated
manufacturers and suppliers of phosphate products, ICL has become the world’s leading
provider of pure phosphoric acid and a major specialty phosphate player.

ICL is comprised of three core segments: ICL Fertilizers, ICL Industrial Products and
ICL Performance Products. Its major production activities are located in Israel, Europe,
the US, South America and China, and are supported by major global marketing and logistics
networks. ICL benefits from exclusive concessions to extract minerals from Israel’s Dead
Sea, a vast source of high-quality and low-cost potash, bromine, magnesium chloride and
sodium chloride. ICL also mines phosphate rock from Israel’s Negev Desert and potash and
salt from its mines in Spain and the UK.

ICL’s shares are traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE: ICL).

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