Authasas releases Authasas Advanced Authentication V.4.7

May 9, 2013

Authasas is recognized as the preferred multi-purpose authentication framework software solution, for advanced authentication in a rapidly changing unsecure digital-world.

Amsterdam (PRWEB) May 08, 2013

Authasas announces the release of Advanced Authentication Version 4.7. “With this release we have made it easier for our customers to improve their external Enterprise Authentication needs” says Menno Stijl, CTO of Authasas.

Authasas is recognized as the preferred multi-purpose authentication framework software solution, for advanced authentication in a rapidly changing unsecure digital-world. It´s mission is to help customers improve information security and compliance in providing the best multi-purpose authentication framework available through business partners worldwide.

Authasas Advanced Authentication is designed to support 2 different types of usage.    

Authasas Enterprise Edition, a multi-factor authentication solution for domains based on

Microsoft© Active Directory or Novell Domain Services for Windows.

Authasas Cloud Edition, needed to provide strong (re-)authentication when using web-applications.

“The importance of this release is the reality, that modern businesses are increasingly confronted with the dilemma of wanting to provide access to information for their customers and employees alike. At the same time they are facing the requirements to adhere to increased compliancy regulations, and the need to authenticate those gaining access to their business information and applications” continues Stijl. “Authasas Advanced Authentication Version 4.7, addresses these concerns with functionality that is specifically aimed to improve external Enterprise authentication”. Features include;

Advanced Authentication Webservice

Webservice functionality that makes it possible to use non-domain joined Windows Based thin clients, to enable pre-session authentication to RDP, Citrix or VMware. The Webservice also allows third-parties to develop authentication clients on non-windows based machines (Linux thin clients and zero-clients).

Advanced Authentication Connector for secure network 802.1x access

Full support for the 802.1x device for Microsoft clients. Meaning it is possible to authenticate sessions using any of the mainstream methods of authentication and gain access to the network through 802.1x. Additionally a supplicant has been included in the workstation software that allows seamless login into 802.1x and subsequently login to the domain. Meaning that when a user needs to authenticate but is not yet connected to 802.1x, he/she will be authenticated into 802.1x and then connected to the domain.

Advanced Authentication to secure VPN-connections

Full Microsoft VPN support using Authasas EAP which allows for VPN authentication with any of the numerous accepted authentication methods such as fingerprint, cards, etc.

Native OATH TOTP-token support for low cost remote access authentication

Use any free currently available OATH TOTP token, or in the near future download the Authasas App from the Appstore. Facilitating easy, cheap and secure access that even works in disconnected mode.

Radius client plugin for hardware/software/mobile tokens support

For businesses that already have remote access token solution such as RSA, Vasco, Phonefactor, etc. in place, the same tokens can be used for access to a windows domain or to any of the Authasas supported authentication events. Note: challenge-response Radius client is available upon request.

Federation for oAUTH 1.0/1.0a/2.0 based web authentication Social Login services such as Google, Instagram, Facebook, Salesforce.com, Windows live (Hotmail, Messenger, Xbox), Dropbox, Flickr, LinkedIn, Myspace, Twitter, Yahoo!

Federation for OpenID authentication such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft, PayPal, Symantec, Yahoo and Ping Identity.

About Authasas

Authasas is a software solution provider, dedicated to delivering multi-purpose and strong authentication software for today´s challenging global business environment. We have in-depth understanding of compliance and information security requirements, and have created the best futureproof solution to help our customers and users safeguard their information access and business.

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