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GRW expands patented low-friction ball bearing line for gas flow meters and anemometers

May 14, 2013

DRAPER, Utah, May 14, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — GRW High Precision Bearings, one of the world’s largest manufacturer of high-precision miniature ball bearings expanded production of a special bearing that specifically meets the exacting demands of anemometers and gas flow meters. Using a patented manufacturing procedure, GRW developed a special ball bearing with a new retainer that maintains extremely low torque requirements of liquid and gas flow meters or anemometers. GRW’s specialty bearings now make the smallest flow rates or slightest winds measurable, dramatically improving performance for manufacturers seeking the lowest starting torque and low flow measurements for their instruments.

Conquering extreme low friction and low flow demands.

Flow meters and anemometers present challenges to bearing technology. High friction, torque and lubrication take a heavy toll on the bearing’s service life. In this application, bearings must withstand periods of peak performance as well as offer extremely low startup torque so that measurement accuracy is maintained – especially in the case of minimal media flow. Furthermore, micro-movements can cause randomly measured value extremes, distorting the measurements and/or precluding an exact flow rate. As a result, the bearing must exhibit consistent dynamic behavior as it slows down, or once the flow has stopped or the wind subsides.

GRW’s patented bearings meet these extreme requirements including reproducible starting torque, minimal dynamic frictional torque and long-term stability. Furthermore, GRW’s bearing design prohibits micro movements of the retainer during measuring or metering operation, thus providing consistently low, dynamic frictional torque.

Testing proves longer life, even with inadequate lubrication.

No matter how adverse the application, the company’s special bearing retains its low friction properties, even in oil and grease lubricant deprived situations.

In dry running tests the bearing proved to maintain lifetime lubrication to a maximum speed factor of 80,000 mm/min. The bearing retained its low friction properties, despite a lubricant deprived environment. This prevents metal-to-metal contact even after the loss of the minimum hydrodynamic film.

Ball bearing with optimized friction properties.

Using a patented manufacturing procedure, GRW produces these precision bearing retainers with a combination of materials optimized to provide strength and low friction over the bearing life cycle. This process and the company’s bearing retainer properties render dramatic improvements over conventional bearings, thereby offering the best solutions to the demands of gas meters and anemometers.

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