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Anthony M. Comorat Announces Success of the 2013 Warm Season Vegetable Garden

May 15, 2013

As the crop nears maturity, there are many successes to talk about this season.

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla., May 15, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — Anthony M. Comorat is pleased to announce that the vegetable garden planted this season with the vital participation of his daughter, Madeline, is near harvest with yields beyond expectations. After a late start due to a rebuilding of the garden’s irrigation system and the addition of a large size composter and garden house, Anthony M. Comorat and daughter believe they have overcome their late start having maintained diligent work feeding, weeding, and mulching the young crop. With hard work came good fortune as the weather cooperated into May, giving the maturing plants time to bear fruit.

Throughout the growing season, Anthony M. Comorat faced challenges with the plot of eight well cultivated rows. Initially, cut worms attacked the young broccoli shoots and the long row of Boston Pickling Cucumbers. Pole beans suffered from just too much fertilizer, and the heat resistant beefsteak tomatoes did not root well. In order to counter the challenging conditions of the warm season, Anthony M. Comorat applied multiple treatments of an organic multi-purpose solution, Organocide (TM), an organic suspension of sesame seed oil that protects young tender leaves from insects and disease.

In order to increase efficiency in the garden, Anthony M. Comorat installed a timer-based irrigation system prior to the growing season. Anthony M. Comorat, working with his irrigation experts set the watering schedule to match the increasingly warming weather. The main irrigation was set to run for fifteen minutes on each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Microcontrollers were used at each plants site to control local saturation as not all plants have the same water requirements.

Anthony M. Comorat and daughter, Madeline made use of extensive research to determine the needs of each plant. Resources consulted included “Vegetable Gardening in Florida” written by James M. Stephens, and published by the University Press of Florida. Much of the content of the book is based on research done at the Florida Cooperative Extension Service, Institute of Food and Agricultural Services, University of Florida. Anthony M. Comorat also employed techniques developed by the famous gardener, Mel Bartholemew, author of the best-selling book, “Square Foot Gardening” to make best use of the space available for planting in the garden.

In 2008, Anthony M. Comorat began gardening as a way to spend productive quality time with his daughter, Madeline. He believes gardening is a gentle way to teach the value of making a disciplined effort towards a tangible measurable result. Anthony M. Comorat also saw an opportunity to introduce the concept of research to his daughter. In order to monitor and plan the vegetable garden, they maintain two diaries. One is a calendar journal used to record the activities done on any given day, be it planting, harvesting, feeding, or fertilizing. Newly planted crops are also estimated as to harvest date and that harvest date page is noted as a day to expect a crop.

About: For Anthony M. Comorat, the vegetable garden has been a successful way to increase the quality of food served at the family’s table, to develop a strong positive relationship with his daughter, to engage in moderate exercise, and to please friends and neighbors with vegetable gift baskets, sharing the fruits of his labor.

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