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Global Biometrics and Border Control Award for DERMALOG

May 16, 2013

HAMBURG, Germany, May 16, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

The consultancy Frost & Sullivan presented its Customer Value Enhancement Award on
Tuesday to Germany’s largest biometrics manufacturer, DERMALOG Identification Systems, for
its exceptional biometric border control system.

DERMALOG has been honored yesterday night by Frost & Sullivan with the Best Practices
Award in the category Global Biometrics and Border Control Customer Value Enhancement
Award for its cutting edge Biometric Border Control System. One of the decisive factors in
selecting DERMALOG for the award was the performance of its new biometric border control
system, which is particularly fast and efficient thanks to its high-end components – but
also focuses on fulfilling customer requirements. DERMALOG’s speed and flexibility in
deploying the system also played a major role in deciding the winner. The award also
recognizes this pioneering German biometrics company’s focus on enhancing the value of its
products for customers, providing competitive pricing for the performance delivered, and
exceeding expectations with excellent customer service.

“We are very pleased and proud that Frost & Sullivan has recognized the innovation and
customer focus embodied by our biometric border control system,” commented DERMALOG’s
managing director Guenther Mull on winning the Frost & Sullivan Award. “All of our
products are based on a high quality standard and responding to individual customer
requirements – that’s our formula for success.”

At the border, the pioneering biometric border control technology can scan and verify
both biometric features and travel documents such as passports, visas, and other papers if
desired. Biometric verification and identification can be completed in just one second
thanks to DERMALOG’s AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System). The fingerprints
are scanned by the DERMALOG Fingerprint Live Scanner LF10, which has been certified by
both the United States FBI and Germany’s BSI. Optional features make it possible to verify
the authenticity of document and check the information contained in a traveler’s documents
with the border control system. DERMALOG is easily able carry out these verifications
because the company also supplies forgery-proof high-security documents with integrated
biometric data itself including electronic ID cards and e-passports. The AFIS, which is
also supplied by DERMALOG, guarantees that these documents can only be issued once to each
applicant, stopping identity theft in its tracks. The biometric Border Control System is
already being used at all border crossings in Malaysia (air, land and sea crossings) as
well as in neighboring Brunei and in Kuwait. DERMALOG fingerprint sensors are also in use
on Germany’s borders and in several other European and Asian countries.

Thanks to DERMALOG’s development of a continuous stream of innovative products, the
company’s biometric technologies are now being used at more than 80 large government
installations in over 50 countries. That places the Hamburg manufacturer among the world’s
leading suppliers in the fields of fingerprint biometrics and AFIS. DERMALOG provides both
the software and the world’s most secure fingerprint scanners with state-of-the-art
liveness detection for its systems, which have now made it the market leader in Europe and
many other regions across the globe.

The wide range of products available combined with innovative technologies, high-end
products and modular designs make DERMALOG systems easy to quickly adapt to the unique
requirements of specific customers, ensuring fast and successful rollouts. DERMALOG is
able to provide and integrate end-to-end solutions but also frequently works in
cooperation with local system integrators.

The Biometric Middleware is an integral part of the system that enables quick and easy
integration into existing software architectures for professional results. The are no
limits on system scalability – depending on the country and population size, anything from
large-scale deployments to small installations are possible.

In addition to national border control systems and biometric personal identification
and passports, DERMALOG’s technology is also being used for fingerprint payment
(FingerPayment), as part of automated banking machines (ATM) as well as inside banks at
the counter, and also, of course, for biometric authentication to access computer systems.
DERMALOG’s mission is to continue making its technology faster and easier to use while
further enhancing security.

DERMALOG Identification Systems GmbH, based in Hamburg, is one of the world’s leading
biometric identification companies and the largest biometrics manufacturer in Germany. The
company’s team of top scientists and IT experts is continuously developing new and
innovative products. The product portfolio ranges from highly-advanced biometric border
checkpoint identification systems and secure biometric ID cards to the new FingerLogin and
FingerPayment solutions. In addition to Germany and Europe, DERMALOG’s key markets include
Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East.

DERMALOG has supplied over 20,000 fingerprint scanners to Germany’s national
registration offices and immigration authorities. The devices are being used to embed
fingerprints in the country’s new electronic passports, ID cards, and residency permits.
An additional 70,000 fingerprint scanners have now been delivered to over 50 other
countries. Large AFIS (Automatic Fingerprint Identification System) installations are now
in operation at over 80 government agencies around the globe. DERMALOG also provides
solutions to banks and cash machine manufacturers such as Wincor-Nixdorf, who have
installed DERMALOG fingerprint scanners in over 1000 of their cash machines worldwide,
allowing customers to use a fingerprint instead of less secure PINs. For further
information, please visit http://www.dermalog.com.

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