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The Little Brown Bat is the Focus of the Latest HWW PSA

May 22, 2013


OTTAWA, May 22, 2013 /CNW/ – On this International Day for Biodiversity,
the Canadian Wildlife Federation (CWF) proudly announces that the
Little Brown Bat is the focus of the next public service announcement
in the Hinterland Who’s Who (HWW) series. The new PSA will highlight
what was once the most common and widely distributed bat species in
Canada.  Sadly, this amazing bat, alongside three other Canadian bat
species, is currently under the threat of a disease called white-nose
syndrome. Because of this, experts believe that this important species
might be facing extinction from certain areas of our country.

“Ever since the appearance of White Nose Syndrome in Canada, CWF has
been greatly preoccupied by the dwindling number of Little Brown Bats.”
says Wade Luzny, CEO and Executive Vice-President of CWF. “Alongside
scientists, we’ve been working hard to help figure out what can be done
to ensure that the species remains part of our biodiversity. Luckily,
the public can help, and learning more about this amazing bat via HWW
is a great start! ”

The Little Brown Bat PSA focuses on the species’ natural history and
presents interesting facts about this species affected by White Nose
Syndrome. You can view this new PSA at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_amnqvUl0k&feature=share&list=PL0B8A89633E910353. A new fact sheet containing more in-depth information on the species
will be published on May 22(nd) 2013 on hww.ca.

This launch is part of the many initiatives planned for 2013 to
celebrate HWW’s 50th Anniversary. During this anniversary year, the
public will have a chance to participate in HWW’s 50th anniversary in
many ways, including creating their own HWW video showing a Canadian
species or ecosystem for a chance to win an exciting prize. Everyone is
also invited to pay tribute to the programme by making a spoof of one
of the HWW videos or writing a note on the tribute board. For more
information, visit www.hww.ca/en/about-us/50th/.

About Hinterland Who’s Who

First created in 1963, HWW made bold use of a relatively new medium –
black and white television — to reach the Canadian general public. The
new Hinterland Who’s Who, launched in 2003, serves to rebuild the
connection thousands of viewers made with wildlife through the original
series and ensure that wildlife remains part of what it means to be
Canadian. Visit the Hinterland Who’s Who Web site at: www.hww.ca

Hinterlands Who’s Who is a joint program of the Canadian Wildlife
Federation and Environment Canada. Together, they bring a wealth of
knowledge and experience to the series. Hinterland Who’s Who has been
bringing Canadians closer to our wilderness heritage for 50 years.

SOURCE Canadian Wildlife Federation

Source: PR Newswire