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Elektrobit (EB) Releases a White Paper on Utilizing Cognitive Radio Technology in Military Communications

May 23, 2013

OULU, Finland, May 23, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

Elektrobit (EB) has released a whitepaper on Cognitive Communication Networks that
explores how cognitive radio can be utilized in military communications. The white paper
discusses how cognitive radio works and how future wireless systems equipped with
cognitive radio capabilities could dynamically access new frequency bands, and at the same
time protect higher-priority users on the same bands from harmful interference. Cognitive
radio capabilities utilized in military communications would enable mobile troops to
communicate and share information even more effectively.

Cognitive Radio, that obtains information about its environment to adjust its
operation adaptively, presents a promising opportunity for future mobile communication
systems for cost-efficient usage of bandwidth required by a growing number of applications
and users. The emergence of cognitive radio techniques, especially in the terrestrial
domain, has recently played a significant role in wireless research.

EB has got over 15 years of experience in different types of research and development
projects relating to wireless technology. One of the most important research activities
for EB is the Finnish national cognitive radio program, TRIAL. The program aims to bring
research and the practical world closer together with the goal of arranging joint
practical demonstrations where state-of-the-art cognitive radio technology is brought into
real life in collaboration between research organizations and industry. The technology and
results of the TRIAL program are being utilized in developing more advanced
high-performance functionality for EB’s products.

The full whitepaper can be downloaded for free from
http://www.elektrobit.com/defensewhitepaper [C:\Data\Press Releases\Conginitive White
Paper\www.elektrobit.com\defensewhitepaper ]

Elektrobit (EB)

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specialized in demanding embedded software and hardware solutions for wireless and
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About EB’s Defense products and solutions

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