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Is Government Pushing Drones When They Are Not Needed?

June 12, 2013

ORLANDO, Fla., June 12, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — American independent journalist Stacey Sather recently caught up with Doug Castro (Co-Founder) of IDENT (www.identllc.com) a manned and unmanned aerial intelligence services company, at a surveillance conference in Orlando, FL. She wanted to find out why, with all of the push today from government for more drone technologies, IDENT chooses to take a different path. When asked this question Castro states, “While there is a need for drones today, IDENT believes that they are only needed and should only be used when a mission is going into harms way.” Castro continues, “Government is pushing the implementation of more drones, virtually every type out there, when the real need is, not equipment, but fulfilling the intelligence mission getting timely data. Castro points to several recently released news articles, each stating that one drone costs US taxpayers $19million dollars, yet only fly 22% of their missions. Further, one drone requires direct service of as many as 18 people. “These technologies greatly profit the companies that produce them, yet often they are too expensive to operate or risk in practice. Expensive technology has not solved our problem with border security.

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Every effort implemented so far has fallen short of expectations. Many in congress now know that fixed based towers and fences are especially vulnerable as fixed targets of opportunity for counter-measures. Better to replace or augment them with highly mobile airborne systems that can keep ahead of criminal activity and counter-tactics. For example, Customs Border Protection continues to request the needed assets to cover flexible incident response presence”. Castro emphasizes that congressional members are very aware that until we control the border, we cannot fix our immigration problem. “They know the current cost for each illegal alien caught trying to cross the border is $50,000 dollars. Many would argue that this unsustainable in a sequester economy. The answer to border security is continuous and flexible coverage from the air as a force multiplier filling the security “voids” that currently exist. Fixed surveillance and fencing leaves gaps. Criminals have strong incentives to overcome obstacles and move through the ‘gaps’ and therefore, move in and out of Mexico with ease. Unfortunately, the criminals have as much more money to implement their strategies then our government has to counter them. Now is the time to approach this problem for what it is, i.e., a forensic crime scene.

Our focus should be getting data to understand and counter criminal activity, patterns, and trends. By creating a sustainable, persistent, and flexible presence, we empower law enforcement in the most efficient and cost effective manner. IDENT’S goal is to complement existing technologies by filling current gaps, and when incidents do occur then government can send out their very expensive assets to do interdiction.” Castro and his executive team are commercially rated pilots with many thousands of flight hours under their belt.

Sather had to ask the burning question, “Is there bias on your part because you are an advocate of manned flight versus drones”? Castro responded, “Absolutely not! Our company offers unmanned platforms as well. Our focus is to offer our customer the most important thing and that is getting the data, in real time and at the lowest cost. We believe there are situations that require manned aircraft and situations when drones are needed. IDENT proposes to use both in the smartest, most efficient way and ensure our citizen’s money is spent wisely and productively.”

IDENT, LLC (www.Identllc.com) provides end-to-end real time aerial intelligence, surveillance, mapping, and monitoring services for government, local municipalities, utility companies and other commercial accounts.

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