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SO.F.TER. to Open New Plant in U.S. for the Production of Engineering Plastics and Thermoplastic Elastomers

June 25, 2013

FORLÌ, Italy, June 25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

Located in Lebanon, Tennessee, SO.F.TER. U.S. will offer the U.S. market a
comprehensive product range, with personalized services and strong customer focus

The SO.F.TER. GROUP, one of the world’s largest independent compounders with
headquarters in Forli, Italy, announces the construction of a new operation in the United
States. The new business, based in Lebanon, Tennessee, will be dedicated to the
production, development and sale of engineering plastics based on polyamide,
polypropylene, thermoplastic elastomers and other advanced solutions for the U.S. market.
Based on its extensive expertise and broad list of approvals developed over the last
30-plus years, SO.F.TER. expects to have a strong presence in the automotive, appliance,
construction and electrical markets.

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Mark Rodden, who brings more than 15 years of managerial experience in plastics
compounding, will serve as Managing Director of SO.F.TER. U.S. “We are excited to be part
of this project that will bring the SO.F.TER. GROUP to the United States,” he said.
“SO.F.TER.’s product portfolio is one of the most comprehensive in the industry.
SO.F.TER.’s experience, financial strength and long-term view will enable us to focus on
customers with a one-to-one approach, based on flexible and tailored solutions.”

“The foundation of SO.F.TER. U.S. is a step of paramount importance in our
internationalization strategy,” said Riccardo Meucci, Global Commercial Director of
SO.F.TER. GROUP. “In addition to the size and breadth of its markets, we believe the U.S.
has excellent prospects for growth. Moreover, the U.S. operation completes our presence in
the Americas and complements our presence in Mexico and Brazil. Now, indeed, we can be
considered as a global supplier, providing the same high quality products all around the

The debut of SO.F.TER. U.S. on the U.S. plastics market will take place in October
with a presentation at the SPE Automotive Conference to be held in Detroit from 6 to 9
October 2013, while the official launch will be held at the K2013 in Duesseldorf (16 to 23
October) where the Group Management will be available to meet clients and journalists.


SO.F.TER. U.S. site is located at 3120 Highway 109 North, Lebanon, TN 37090. It
consists of 21 acres (85,000 square meters). Initial construction will be approximately
100,000 square feet (9,300 square meters) with an installed capacity of 50 million pounds
(23,000 tons). Ultimately the site is planned to expand to more than 250,000 square feet
(23,000 square meters) and more than 150 million pounds (68,000 tons). The equipment
installed initially will result in approximately 50 new jobs with ultimate site employment
expected to exceed 150. The initial investment is expected to be $11.5 Million (EUR8.8


The SO.F.TER. GROUP (http://www.softergroup.com) is one of the largest independent
compounders in the world. The company’s product range includes thermoplastic elastomers,
thermoplastic vulcanizates and engineering plastics. Thanks to its technological know-how
in a broad range of materials, SO.F.TER. can offer its customers innovative, tailor-made
solutions with a high specialization in the automotive, domestic appliance, construction,
footwear and sport sectors. The SO.F.TER. GROUP, with a turnover of EUR250 Million in 2012
($330 Million) has its headquarters in Forli, Italy and counts another three manufacturing
plants in Italy, a sales office near Stuttgart (Germany) and two commercial and production
units in Latin America (Mexico, Brazil).

Products and brands. Thermoplastic Elastomers: Pibiflex(R) (TPC) Forprene(R) (TPV),
Forflex(R) (TPO), Laprene(R), Sofprene(R) (TPE-S), Sofpur(R) (modified TPU), Forgrin(R),
Terra(R), Holo(R) (TPE for artificial turf infill), Pavprene(R) (bitumen modifier).
Engineering Plastics: Tecnoprene(R), Polifor(R), Carboprene(R), Talcoprene(R) (PP),
Pibifor(R), Pibiter(R) (PBT), Nylfor(R), Nivionplast(R) (PA6, PA66), Abistir(R),
Retelan(R) (ABS), Blendfor(R), Reblend(R) (PC/ABS), Stirofor(R) (HI-PS), Cabofor(R) (PC),
Norfor(R) (PPE), Sanfor(R) (SAN).

        Riccardo Meucci, Commercial Director, SO.F.TER. GROUP, riccardo.meucci@softerspa.com,
        Mark Rodden, SO.F.TER. US Managing Director, mark.rodden@softerspa.com, +1-812-205-5855

        Roberta Ragonesi, Marketing Communications Manager, SO.F.TER. GROUP,
         roberta.ragonesi@softerspa.com, +39-0543-790411




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