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Imperial’s CMAXX® Dust Collector Cleans Up Nicely

July 29, 2013

JACKSON CENTER, Pa., July 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Sometimes, your search for the best solution can end in familiar territory.

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Paul Arnold is Vice President of Operations for Keystone Ridge Designs in East Butler, Pennsylvania (keystoneridgedesigns.com). The company supplies premium-quality steel trash receptacles, benches, bike racks, planters, and other heavy outdoor furniture to parks, campuses, municipalities, housing developments, and various retail establishments, including major shopping malls.

Keystone employs a continuous inseparable weld seam during its welding process. This step prevents corrosion from moisture over the life of the furniture. In addition, each bench, rack, or steel (composed of 25 percent or more recycled content) piece is protected from significant chipping, cracking, or sun damage by a patented Keyshield® finish.

“Our fabrication excellence revolves around our powder-coating step,” claims Arnold. “After we sandblast our substrates to a white finish to remove all possible contaminants, we electrostatically apply a zinc-rich epoxy primer, followed by a coat of colored polyester powder. Both coats are oven-cured to ensure an optimal finish.”

But such elaborate production also yields a substantial amount of dust and fumes during manufacturing, particularly while workers sandblast the substrate material.

Keystone uses small dust collectors within its powder-coat booth…and had a much larger unit to remove air contaminants from the overall fabricating facility. But the crew was not satisfied with the performance of its larger system.

“Our basic issue was the horizontal positioning of the filters,” begins Arnold. “The filters were literally on top of one another. That meant the top one would stay relatively clean – but would dump material, when purging, onto the filters below it, leading to what we thought was very premature filter failure throughout the system.”

Arnold then conducted a vast search for collectors that offered non-traditional vertically hanging filter placement. He also needed a unit that would fit nicely within a somewhat limited space on the firm’s property. He found the perfect – and familiar – solution not too far away.

“I kept hearing good things regarding the CMAXX® compact collector from Imperial Systems (isystemsweb.com),” says Arnold.

The CMAXX compact modular cartridge collector uses Imperial’s renowned DeltaMAXX(TM) vertically hanging filters with their unique NanoFiber Filtration Technology that incorporates a very fine surface layer of synthetic fibers to prevent particulates from embedding into the premier-quality media.

“We installed our CMAXX unit and DeltaMAXX filters in September of 2012. In nine months, we have not had to change out a single filter,” begins Arnold. “Our air is remarkably clean throughout the blasting area – and the entire shop, in fact. Material from one filter doesn’t fall down onto another filter because of the vertical positioning.”

The CMAXX has a unique Pulse Distribution technology that delivers 100% even pulsation across the DeltaMAXX filter wall – resulting in maximum dust-collection performance and filter life.

In addition, the CMAXX collector has no external bolt holes so water cannot get into the unit to damage the filters.

Keystone Ridge Designs prides itself on continually exceeding customer and self-imposed expectations. It didn’t have to look far to find a partner with the same core values and reputation.

SOURCE Imperial Systems, Inc.

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