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Data Shows New Natural Dead Sea Salt Provides Breakthrough Alternative for Healthy Diets

July 31, 2013

LA MESA, Calif., July 31, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — BioIntelligent Wellness is thrilled about the brand-new minerally balanced salt launching on Kickstarter today. Low in sodium, rich in minerals, Naked Sea Salt is a breakthrough healthy alternative to refined table salt.

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“Balance is vital to our programs,” says the founder of BioIntelligent Wellness, Julianna Nikolic. “Naked Sea Salt balances sodium with thirty-two other active minerals, all of them crucial to your body. The biochemical data is astonishing, showing unrivalled percentages of essentials like magnesium, potassium, and calcium. The higher mineral diversity lowers the percentage of sodium in each crystal, so Naked Sea Salt has 70% less sodium than processed salts.”

BioIntelligent Wellness programs are committed to staying on the cutting-edge of developments and research in the nutrition, health, and wellness world. “The key to nutrition is choosing the right foods in the right proportions,” says Nikolic. “But knowing what’s “right” isn’t so simple. It’s important for me to keep current on all the latest breakthroughs so that my clients have the best possible tools for building a healthy lifestyle.”

What makes Naked Sea Salt so exciting, explains Nikolic, is what sets it apart from the competition: “Other low-sodium products compensate for sodium by amping up the percentages of potassium alone. Naked Sea Salt doesn’t have that problem. The Dead Sea waters create a salt with a completely balanced array of minerals. Lower sodium levels, combined with abundant active minerals, help your body to balance PH levels, boost energy, retain water content, and improve digestion. It’s an essential dietary supplement.”

“We’re giving our support to Naked Sea Salt’s campaign because we believe in it,” adds Nikolic. “This new product could bring significant positive change to our lifestyles, improving everything from energy level to weight management. My clients will benefit, and so will their cooking, once seasoning food becomes as healthy as taking a multivitamin.”

AbesMarket.com is discovered NakedSea and was so impressed with its nutritional value and attention to traditional manufacturing methods they decided to team up for the Kickstarter launch and help promote it as well as handle all the logistics behind fulfillment of the campaign.

AbesMarket.com co-founder Jon Polin was so excited by Naked Sea’s rapid success that he has committed that the Vouchers– included in many of the Kickstarter rewards — will now also be redeemable for any of the products at the online natural goods marketplace that is acting as Naked Sea’s retail and fulfillment partner. “We are so excited about Naked Sea Salt reaching its goal in only forty-eight hours that we’ve decided to extend the vouchers to apply toward our entire inventory at AbesMarket.com as our way of showing our continued support for this exciting initiative.”

To learn more about Naked Sea Salt’s campaign, visit their page on Kickstarter.

About BioIntelligent Wellness:
BioIntelligent Wellness assists clients in finding and creating balance in body, mind, and life. By that identifying and evaluating each client’s unique challenges, founder Juliana Nikolic and her expert staff work to develop a personalized plan for their clients. They offer a range of integrative techniques and options designed around individual biochemical needs, to get lasting results fast. Their programs are based on the latest cutting-edge innovations in human biochemistry and exercise physiology research, as well as the philosophy that optimal health and weight, performance, fulfillment and happiness must be approached from the inside out to produce dynamic, satisfying results.

About AbesMarket.com
AbesMarket.com is the online destination for better, more mindful living. Founded in 2009, the company provides hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors a go-to resource for remarkable products, edgy content and new services that strengthen and simplify the pursuit for healthier living. In addition, AbesMarket.com works tirelessly as a champion for small business, utilizing its expanding customer base and beautifully designed website experience as an amplification stage for thousands of merchants whose locally focused products warrant a national presence. Located in Chicago, IL, AbesMarket.com is changing the way we live for the better.

About Naked Sea Salt:
Naked Sea Salt’s mission is to introduce the world to gourmet salt from the Dead Sea, an all-natural, low-sodium, and mineral-rich alternative to artificially refined salt. Founded by environmental activist Ari Leon Fruchter, the company encourages regional cooperation, working with a Palestinian company to harvest the salt from the Dead Sea with traditional, chemical-free methods that preserve the sea’s unique mineral content. Each of Naked Sea Salt’s fifteen flavors has been blended with organic herbs and spices to create a salt of bold, creative taste as well as unparalleled nutrition. With its dedication to environmental and economic concerns, part of the company’s mission is to serve as a model of sustainable, ethical practice for private manufacturing companies in the region.

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