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Diamond Mansion Experts Divulge Tips for Creating a Great Engagement Ring

August 7, 2013

If you’re going to be spending two months of your hard-earned salary, Diamond Mansion wants to make sure your ring is as special as your bride-to-be.

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — In our modern society, everything has become an expression of our individuality. This can be great when you’re customizing your dream kitchen and you find that that perfect granite, or you set up a photo-blog from scratch instead of photo albums of your trip. The downside of all of our customization is that making so many choices can be a little overwhelming, particularly when the alternative – a customized, personal statement – is priced the same as the prefab option. New styles like halo diamond engagement rings for your betrothed, as well as diamond eternity rings are examples of eye-catching custom engagement rings from the premier purveyor of fine diamond engagement rings in Los Angeles, Diamond Mansion, Co.

At Diamond Mansion, their expert jewelers have set up a design engagement ring customization tool that offers the right diamond for your budget as well as your personal aesthetic. Of course, Diamond Mansion carries more than just engagement rings – customize your diamond wedding rings or any other beautiful jewelry piece to your personal specifications as well.

The journey to finding the perfect diamond can be vastly simplified embark on with a little online research. The popular round and princess cuts may spring to mind for some, but you may not realize what else is out there until you check out the diamond selector tool at the Diamond Mansion website. There are underused, underrated cuts that might be perfect for you or your betrothed. You’ll want to think about each option carefully. Do some of these styles seem old fashioned at first? You’re free to choose another, but spend some time finding out what kinds of rings suit you best, and you may change your mind. You could choose an exquisite emerald cut for instance, a unique stone that might just send the perfect message.

Once you’ve worked out the cut of your dreams, you should make some decisions about color and clarity. This is where the matter of price comes into play. You may prefer a canary colored diamond, but you might also be able to afford something larger if you opt out. Clarity, on the other hand, is less of an issue of preference. Go with the most clarity you can afford and stay within your budget.

Finally, place your dream diamond in the setting that matches your personal taste – this is where the real investment comes into play. Find the shape of solitaire or stone-encrusted setting that maximizes the stone’s beauty. Don’t let the purity of the ring’s metal drive down the quality of the stone you elect to buy. There are many prominent settings that shimmer with beauty without drawing attention from the lead diamond. Some of Diamond Mansion’s settings allow you to arrange your engagement ring or, more often, your wedding ring, in such a way that beautiful gold or platinum takes the spotlight, and the sparkle of a stone is more of an accent.

Once you’ve designed the perfect ring, you’ll only need to find the perfect person to offer it to, but you wouldn’t be shopping for rings if that phase weren’t already complete, would you? With some careful planning, the person and the ring will match beautifully. For timeless beauty, call 1-800-518-0240 or contact Diamond Mansion online now.

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