Common Decency, Inc. Announces New Boycott Campaign Targeting Businesses Engaged in Unethical Advertising Practices

August 9, 2013

"The Internet was a massive game changer for traditional media as advertising departments are now driven by 'page views’, which directly correlate, to new customer acquisition. There is a new type of 'Word-Crime' developing as a consequence of this desperate digital-land-grab" – CD, Inc Founder.

New York, NY (PRWEB) August 09, 2013

Common Decency, Inc. Founder, Michael Roberts, said, “This new boycott campaign has been designed as a form of ‘viral persuasion, it is a good faith effort to bring pressure to bear on unscrupulous advertising agencies, and departments within large organizations.”

There are millions of websites; many of them depend on page views ad revenue from their advertisers to keep their sites operational.

Many of these websites although protected by free speech laws, contain very low value speech. Some of it is protected in most countries such as rhetorical hyperbole, parody and opinion; but much of it is not protected such as defamation, harassment, and fighting words.

Roberts said, “We have found that many advertisements embedded within these deplorable websites come from what would otherwise be reputable businesses. It is our goal to alert these businesses to the fact that they are supporting, what could be effectively referred to as ‘emotional cyber terrorists’, by spending ad revenue with these websites."

It is our hope that the reputable businesses will block ad-spending with the appalling websites we monitor, and those that do not do so initially will hopefully succumb to the noble efforts of our boycott activists.

Common Decency, Inc’s Michael Roberts is a Journalist and Licensed Private Investigator and Internet Libel & Bullying Victims' Advocate. He works with victims of inaccurate Internet complaints by word vandals. He recently launched an Internet Defamation victims support an action group. Michael also provides background support for investigative journalists on stories that involve social networking and Internet related investigations.

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