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Cargill Deicing Technology introduces AccuBatch® brine maker as the newest member of its brine making family

August 12, 2013

NORTH OLMSTED, Ohio, Aug. 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — After introducing revolutionary technology to the brine making process with the AccuBrine(®) automated brine maker, Cargill Deicing Technology (CDT) is releasing a new brine maker model to address an important need in the marketplace. The AccuBatch(®) brine maker gives customers more options and flexibility when selecting their brine making system and allows users to purchase a model to fit their specific needs.

“Listening and responding to our customers’ needs is an integral part of our sales process and not all customers have the same needs,” said Ken Howe, Assistant Vice President and Sales Manager for CDT. “The AccuBatch(®) brine maker addresses several of the most repeated requests – efficient brine production, at the right concentration, for the right price. With the addition of the AccuBatch(® )brine maker, our customers have more options and flexibility in choosing the system that best fits their needs.”

A semi-automated system, the AccuBatch(®) brine maker is the only entry-level model to feature a sensor for automatic brine concentration measurement. Users will no longer have to waste time manually checking and rechecking to ensure brine concentration has reached the optimum level. In contrast to the continuous production of the AccuBrine(®) automated brine maker, the AccuBatch(®) brine maker produces brine by the batch, making up to 800 gallons per batch or approximately 2,400 gallons per hour. Its simple plug-and-play design makes for hassle free setup with no technical assistance required.

“The installation process is very simple,” said Anthony Hensley, Operations Manager for the Advanced Products Division. “Users just have to plug it into their electrical service, attach their fresh water source, attach to their storage source and set brine concentration alert targets. It will automatically shut-off when it reaches the target concentration.”

In addition to a hassle free installation, this system is easy for any user to operate and maintain. The cleanout process is quick and efficient and can be done by one person in just a few minutes. Made from durable marine-grade fiberglass, the AccuBatch(® )brine maker is just as dependable as the AccuBrine(®) automated brine maker but at a lower price point.

“The AccuBatch(®) brine maker makes brine by the batch producing the same high quality brine as our AccuBrine(®) automated brine maker,” said Tom Blackman, Advanced Products Sales Manager for CDT. “We recognize that while our AccuBrine(®) automated brine maker is one of the most highly sophisticated brine makers on the market, not every customer has a need for all of its features and capabilities. The AccuBatch(®) brine maker is being offered as one more important step toward Cargill Deicing Technology being able to offer a full line of solutions to customers of all sizes involved in winter road maintenance.”

The AccuBatch(®) brine maker was tested in the field this past winter season with positive results and feedback regarding its simplicity. CDT is rolling out a national promotion for both brine makers with its release. Schedule a product presentation before October 15, 2013 and receive free shipping off of your brine maker purchase. For more information, visit www.cargill.com/brinemaker-promo.

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