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A Young Researcher from Italy Wins this Year’s “Basel Declaration Award for Education in Animal Research”

August 27, 2013

ZURICH, August 27, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

It is the second time that the Basel Declaration grants its “Award for Education in
Animal Research”. Chiara Ruzza, PhD in pharmacology and molecular oncology, is currently
completing a post-doctorate at the University of Ferrara, Italy. The prize winner takes
part in a one-week course on Animal research at the University of Zurich, based on the
rules of the 3Rs (Replace, Reduce, Refine). She has been mandated by her university to set
up similar courses in Ferrara, with the knowledge and the skills learned at the Zurich

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“In Ferrara too, as done at each other biomedical faculty, research on animals is
carried out. Unfortunately, however, the university offers no yet courses on the correct
handling of the animals entrusted to us,” says the laureate. During their current
research, she realized that experiments on rats and transgenic mice are essential for a
successful progress of their work. At the same time, she understood that the welfare of
animals used in research is the basis for meaningful experiments. Thus, she is happy that
after her one-week intensive training course in Zurich, she will be able to significantly
improve her own research activities. On top of that, her own university can now seize the
opportunity to develop similar courses thanks to the newly acquired expertise in
biomedical education. This is also the only way to insure that EU directive, with its high
ethical requirements on animal research, can be implemented in Italy, too.

The “Basel Declaration Award for Education in Animal Research” is a grant own to
Charles River, one of the leading breeders and suppliers of rodents for basic and
biomedical research, sponsored with the goal that the training of researchers leading
trials will be internationally enhanced. The course attended by Chiara Ruzza in Zurich is
certified by FELASA, the Federation for Laboratory Animal Science Associations.

Unfortunately, using animals in the biological-medical research remains an
indispensable activity. However, minimizing suffering and pain for the animals used in
experiments is a must; one should also use only as many animals as absolutely necessary
for the desired gain of knowledge. The 3Rs (Replace, Reduce, Refine) are thus the highest
ethical principle, which rules are to be enforced worldwide. And so, laboratory animals
will be able to lead a more animal-friendly life and at the same time, the quality of
scientific experiments will clearly improve.

        Astrid Kugler
        Basel Declaration Society




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