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Introducing NTS Works’ electric 2×4 Cargo Bike

September 4, 2013

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –

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It rides like a bicycle and works like a pick-up truck. The revolutionary electric 2×4 Cargo Bike is using patent-pending technology to deliver more than 100 pounds of goods to customers in urban centers where vehicles either can’t go due to traffic congestion or can’t park due to high cost in time and money.


Creators at NTS Works, a start-up company based in Santa Cruz, Calif., are using their experience as founders, inventors, designers and battery technology developers at Zero Motorcycles to produce the 2×4 (pronounced “two-by-four”) electric cargo delivery bicycle.

Where and When:

    --  NTS Works founder and CEO Neal Saiki will be in San Jose/San Francisco
        on Wednesday, Sept. 4 and Thursday, Sept. 5 with the 2x4 Cargo Bike.
    --  Neal will be available for media interviews to talk about the bike and
        his experience as founder of NTS Works, and his technical and business
        background as founder of Zero Motorcycles.
    --  Neal can be reached by mobile phone at 831.247.2015, or via email:
        neal@NTSWorks.com; media inquiries can be directed to Michael Coates
        (408.399.9081 or mcoates@mightycomm.com or Tom Fulks (916.508.3837 or
        tfulks@mightycomm.com) of Mightycomm.


    --  Technology story:
        --  The 2x4 Cargo Bike's revolutionary design carries up to eight bags
            of groceries, or more than 100 pounds of cargo.
        --  It handles just like a regular bike under load. What sets 2x4 Cargo
            Bike apart from other delivery bikes is the new and unique way of
            steering the cargo. The patent-pending steering mechanism - unlike
            anything currently available in the biking world - places the cargo
            load directly over the front wheel for the best possible balance,
            handling and maneuverability in tight urban environments.
        --  The 2x4 pedal assist senses the rider's energy/power needs and adds
            three levels of power for flats, hills and acceleration.
        --  The 2x4's battery technology uses the highest quality lithium ion
            cells available, with 500 watt hours for a real world range of 30
            miles. The battery has a lifetime warranty, which no other e-bike
            maker offers.
        --  The 2x4 Cargo Bike is a real bicycle, in that it requires pedaling
            to move forward. A steady and maintainable workout is provided to
            the rider regardless of cycling skill. The 2x4's smart pedal sensor
            design provides just enough juice to get up grades without the rider
            having to get out of the saddle, stand on the pedals and grind out a
            sweaty climb.
    --  Entrepreneur story: Neal Saiki is the founder of Zero Motorcycles, a
        successful electric motorcycle company, and an inventor (battery
        technology is one of his areas of expertise). Neal is a lifelong cyclist
        and has applied his knowledge to designing and building an electric
        bicycle that works for the task at hand and meets a need at a reasonable
    --  Environmental story: The 2x4 Cargo Bike is on the leading edge for
        environmentally sound local delivery in urban areas, offering zero
        emissions, pedal power with an electric assist (for hills, etc.), new
        battery technology and a new, smart way to deliver goods in congested
        urban centers.
    --  Coolness story: This is a really great bike. You've just got to see it
        to appreciate the creative design and ride it under load to appreciate
        how totally awesome it is.


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